BB18, Days 12-13: Goatgate, And Something For Giggles

2016-06-25-15.07.15-Cam 3.png
Corey discussing the values of Donald Trump on Day 11…

The weekend came and went, with the POV meeting speculated to have taken place yesterday. It looked like it wouldn’t happen, but a little before 6pm ET, the feeds went to “Jeffy Loops” and the meeting was indeed held. As expected, Paul vetoed himself off, and Frank, as the Roadkill winner, secretly placed Bridgette up as the replacement nominee.

It was a good weekend to get to know this year’s contestants, though I must admit some of them I wish would have stayed away from us.

The hot button issue of who should be the next President raised its ugly head Saturday, and became the first argument of live feed season. Michelle, Frank, and Corey are all ardent Donald Trump supporters, who argued against Jozea, who’s very anti-Trump. He didn’t share with us all whether or not he likes Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, though now it’s a moot point.

There’s already cracks in the first “big alliance” of eight this year, as Frank and Tiffany had a tiff (no pun intended) that was eerily reminiscent of Austin and Vanessa last season. Frank snapped when Tiff questioned repeatedly over a short period of time who got what amount of wine, for which Frank would apologize for later. Store that incident for later, and ponder whether or not history will repeat itself on that front.

Then, we got to another controversial moment. Corey told the story Saturday night about how he and friends got drunk one night, with the friend pouring lighter fluid on a goat and attempting to set the animal ablaze. He told the tale like it was some practical joke that he thought everyone would be amused by, but the group seemed generally unhappy with the tale.

I found it personally repugnant, being a cat owner. But as I type this on Monday morning, I have no idea if this will be another media crap-storm as the racial insensitivity of BB15 proved to be. I think it all depends on if the story gets to the “PETA lobby” and what they do with it if it gets to them. Some of you may remember that three years ago, the protests got to show sponsors, and once that happen, the protests hit an immovable object.

I’ve probably said this before in the five seasons (counting this one) I’ve been doing this blog. If you’re upset by Corey’s remarks, I have no problems with you. The best way to protest would be not to watch, as ratings wise, that’s been happening more and more as of late with show ratings already dropping off of last season’s average. Don’t think I’m giving away any “state secrets” telling you that.

Jozea still appears to be the overwhelming favorite to go home, barring a complete meltdown by Bridgette.

Oh, by the way, could Vanessa and Tiffany be swapping out in the Diary Room like Liz and Julia Nolan did last year? Dingo from Hamsterwatch was the first to suggest it, then came this Sunday night:

Look at the tattoo designs, and how they are each different. The one on the left has a more random design, while the one on the right has the leaves in a more vertically stacked design.

Hey, I could totally be wrong about this, and if I am, so be it. But I’d rather deal with something amusing like this then hearing about guys who think their tough getting drunk and harming animals, but that’s just me.

Unless business picks up, the next blog entry will be in a couple of days. Until then, happy hunting!


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