BB18, Day 11: Fresh Roadkill

Feeds were up on the Windows 10 CBSAA app by mid-afternoon yesterday, Eastern time…

I feel I should recap some info from yesterday, as a lot happened in that 7-day gap or so between when last night’s episode aired and when the live feeds began.

I’m trying hard not to commit these team names to memory, since it’s obvious the team concept is this season’s “front game” that will be gone by the time we get to August. But here goes:

  • Category 4 consists of Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, and Paulie. They received the punishment of having to wear cardboard pieces that look like pixels from a distance. Other than being permitted to wear undergarments, they aren’t allowed to wear anything else.
  • Big Sister is Da’Vonne, Paul, Jozea, and Zakiyah, who were the have-nots for a week, though their punishment ended at midnight Thursday night.
  • Team Unicorn is Bronte, James, Natalie, and Victor. No member of their team can be nominated this week for eviction with Victor winning the first “Hit The Road” stage.
  • The Freakazoids are Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, and the now departed Glenn. As a result of being named HOH, they also can’t be nominated for eviction and are safe to the third eviction stage, as are the Unicorns.

The new competition played each week in place of Battle Of The Block is called Roadkill. Frank won the competition (or, so it appears), and Paul thus became the third nominee. Whoever wins the comp picks a third nominee in secret and doesn’t have to reveal his or her pick, much like how the MVP worked on BB15. But the catch is a big one: if the Roadkill nominee wins Power of Veto or has the veto used on them, they get to take themselves off the block, but the Roadkill winner names the replacement nominee, NOT the HOH winner.

As an example using the present situation, if Paul wins veto and uses it on himself, or should someone else uses it on him, Frank would get to decide who goes on the block in his place. I think this will be a fun new element to watch as the season progresses, along with three nominees to vote from on eviction night. This makes it possible that the HOH would be needed to resolve ties on any given week, so if the pre-season rumors are true that Julie Chen won’t be revealing tallies on eviction night, it should ratchet up paranoia as to who voted for whom.

The POV was held yesterday, as opposed to the normal day of Saturday, but with a 16-day “stage” that knocks out two houseguests, there must be a lot of boredom in there. Da’Vonne and Corey joined Paul, Paulie, Nicole, and Jozea as the competitors. As fate would have it, Paul wound up taking the first POV of the season.

Jozea seems to be public enemy number one in the house at this point, and I agree with what seems to be the house assessment. He created a minor furor (compared to other seasons) disparaging the military and the 4th of July, and just seems generally delusional and disrespectful. Whoever Frank chooses to replace Paul with (the early thinking being Bridgette), I don’t think they have anything to worry about.

They got booze overnight, but I was well into bed by the time that happened. Jozea had a house meeting only half the house showed up for. What he had to say didn’t make any sense, making it obvious he’s a recruit, and also obvious that unless something dramatically changes, he’s the next one gone.

The feeds on the XBox 360 are still not working, so I still have to watch things on the computer or HDMI them to the TV. It would have been nice if all of this could have worked from the get go, but this only proves way CBS All Access isn’t in Netflix’s league, and is no where close.

Unless things considerably change, the next blog entry will be Monday, as it appears today what a Sunday would normally be in the house, with nothing to do but plot. If I do one in the interim, I’ll alert everyone on my Twitter feed. Between Jozea’s illogical rantings and the feeds not working on the XBox, I’m already a bit bored, and that’s not a good sign.


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