BB18, Day 10: Feeding Time

Jamie Lefevre put this up on Twitter, and I found this most interesting. It’s a map of what states the HG’s who have played from BB2 to BB17 come from.

Going into last night’s second episode, I felt the odds looked longest for Glenn. We knew that either Corey, Nicole, Tiffany, or Glenn would go home. But, in another ridiculous postulate, one of those four would also become the season’s first HOH, despite losing three times already.

I felt that it would have made much more sense to make Victor the HOH, as he was the last person standing in the initial part of the “Hit The Road” competition. You don’t give the Super Bowl to a team that misses the playoffs, so the logic of awarding HOH to one of the worst four competitors in this series of events, it’s baffling.

My thoughts proved correct during the second episode’s airing, Glenn wound out being the odd man. You might remember I had Glenn the 3rd out of the game, so I was pretty close. Nicole became HOH (much to the chagrin of the always on-edge Paul), and went with the pawn strategy of making Jozea the target up against Paulie, playing the role of the pawn.

Ah yes, the old “pawn gambit” that often backfires, a Big Brother staple. Herein lies the beauty of this season: veterans making risky movies, outnumbered by newbies, some of whom don’t seem to have a good grasp of the strategies to use to keep the numbers in their favor. Jozea and Victor, if the two packaged episodes are any indication, have no clue how to play the game, and that leads me to believe that they are recruits, and not those who went to auditions in an area near them.

And the kicker is, they don’t know that this new competition is coming, or didn’t when this was taped last week.

But, what would we gather when the feeds went live? Let me warn you here and now that I DO spoilers. I assume you are here because you want to now what will be happening on the TV show in the coming days, so that’s my policy. I discuss the game in real time.

Last chance. Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know.

I dozed off right after the feeds commenced at 1am ET. I was hoping to catch the feeds on TV via the XBox 360, but as of this writing, that device, along with a few others (like the Windows 10 app) are not in working order. This may also explain why, at present, the time stamp on the feeds was so wonky last night, not showing the correct Big Brother Time, which is Pacific Time.

This new competition we have yet to see that will “shake up the game” has been played, and we now know that, like on BB15, it seems to give someone the power to place a third nominee on the block. This time, that nominee was Paul, who know joins Paulie and Jozea. Nobody seems to have gathered how this competition/power works just yet, so my advice: watch Sunday’s show.

There have been wholesale changes in alliances. There are not one, but two all-female alliances in the game, and there seems to be a showmance between Zakiyah and Paulie.

We’ll learn more today, and hopefully, all the devices not yet in working order will be in better shape.


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