BB18, Day 9: Almost Nothing (New) To See Here

The first “wave” of 12 before moving in. Michelle went in first, but wasn’t in the house first. One of the four “stowaway” returning players was.

I must admit I had ulterior motives bringing BB3’s “veto-gate” up again. Last night (if I remember right) was the first two-hour premiere and the first two-hour TV episode since September 14, 2002, the very night Marcellas chose not to use veto and got evicted. The show had better ratings then (8.7 million viewers on average as opposed to 6.18 million last year), so CBS is no doubt hoping to get off to a flying start.

By the way, I don’t think the show is going to do well ratings wise, as I predicted on Twitter that the show will do a 5.5 average over the season. That might seem a little on the low side, but they have the Olympics and possibly contentious political conventions to compete against, plus shows you need the Internet to watch on Netflix and Amazon. Plus, the new twists may not work out, or as was the case last year, mysteriously disappear as the Takeover did.

Yes, I want the show to do well, but times change for everyone whether we want them to or not. I just think a lot more can go wrong than go right this year.

Oh, another confession: outside of the first couple of episodes, the live evictions (and the taped ones, for that matter), and the finale, I don’t watch the episodes. I get the feeds, have now for three years, and I have the time to either watch the feeds or get up to speed quickly.

Speaking of which, the much ballyhooed TV debut was last night, so I guess I ought to talk about that. Can you tell I’m trying to avoid doing so?

I have to be honest: I wasn’t a fan of the first show. First off, the returning houseguests twist is nothing new, in fact four returning houseguests isn’t even new, it’s borrowed from BB14. The “team” concept isn’t new, that’s borrowed from BB11. Having teams compete also borrows from BB14 a bit, as does someone being evicted from the team that does the worst. Now they did put a fresh spin on these twists to give the newbs and the veterans something to think about, which created a sense of teamwork on some teams, and friction on others.

It seemed to me that the whole “team name” thing was forced onto them by production. Why do we need team names? I would have been okay with Team Frank, Team Nicole, Team James, and Team Da’Vonne.

However, my biggest problem with the roll-out is that for the first time in show history, a houseguest is going to be evicted based on a competition, and not a vote. While I realize this is likely to be a one-time event, I have serious misgivings about evicting someone that way. Even on BB9 when the power couple kicked out another couple, it was their vote, as was the case on BB14 when Dan had to sacrifice Jodi Rollins on the first day that season.

Otherwise, it’s just another way Big Brother has morphed into a boxed-up Survivor, but that’s been going on ever since BB2. Why should things change now?

Not a good start to the season, in my humble opinion. But, it’s a long season, and it might just get better.

Tomorrow, some more pieces of the puzzle will be set, including who went home first.


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