BB18, Day 8: The History

Like many of you, I’m looking forward to tonight’s airing of the first show of the season on CBS, and actually talking about the game and watching it develop.

Thought today would be a good day to take a trip through time and gander at all of the evictions and winners through the years.

Favorite Season: a toss-up between BB2 and BB3. It must be hard to produce these shows and make each season unique, as there’s a natural “law of diminishing returns” at play here. I sense that’s why some of the bigger reality shows of the first decade of this century aren’t around. BB10 and last season were also pretty decent, and would make my top 5 along with BB6.

If you’ve been watching the show from the beginning, this is probably a memorable moment, as it is for me. Marcellas getting slapped by Julie’s cue cards, September 14, 2002.

Most Memorable Moment, And Most Shocking Eviction: Marcellas not using the veto on BB3. The “Power of Veto” was introduced that season, and many fans forget that throughout most of that season, if someone on the block won POV, they could NOT use it on themselves. They could, however, use it on the person against them on the block in an effort to induce a better opponent, thus finding the votes to stay in the game. During the last competition of the veto (which that year and only that year was in the stage with five houseguests remaining, not four as it has been every year since), the current rule of using the veto to save yourself was enabled.

Marcellas won the veto and didn’t use it, surely thinking Amy, having been evicted once already, would go home a 2nd time there and then. Lisa and Danielle split their votes, and HOH Jason cast the tiebreaker to send the fashion stylist out of the house. Julie Chen initiated her interview, playfully slapping Marcellas on the head, asking him, “What were you thinking?!?” I imagine over the years, more people than he wants to count have asked him about that.

A lot of other people think “the toothbrush incident” is the biggest thing ever to happen, but I’m of the point of view that something that negative shouldn’t be the biggest thing to ever happen, or the most memorable.

Tomorrow, a look at the opening night of the season…which took place last week.


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