BB18, Day 7: The Habitat

The one thing you will likely never hear me complain about is the design of the house. As long as these guys and girls have a roof over their head, and the house doesn’t have any big-time problems, I just don’t tend to notice it.

To me, not to diminish the work done every year, it’s just a sound stage built to look a like house, kind of like how Rick Harrison says what’s in his Las Vegas pawn shop is just stuff. An oversimplification of what exists, I suppose.

That said, Scott Storey did another outstanding job on this year’s house design, at least from my untrained eye.

So, if the above video works (today or ten years from now), give it a click.

That’s all I have for today with an considerable absence of news and the houseguests all reviewed and ranked. I’ll have a little more tomorrow.


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