BB18, Day 4: Baffled By Bronte

Bronte is no stranger to a camera, which isn’t a bad thing.

Continuing to analyze the 12 newbie houseguests before moving to the rumored four returnees:

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to make of Bronte D’Acquisto, the Denver student. If you’ve ever read BB10 winner Dan Gheesling’s book about how to get into the reality TV genre, you know that Big Brother producers love to hype their typecasting of houseguests early in the various seasons. For example, in Dan’s first season, they made a big point that he was a Catholic early on, which became a big point of discussion when a blindside took place later on that season. It seems that Bronte is being typecast as a nerdy woman (nothing wrong with that) to camouflage her model looks.

Something else I see every year: it seems that each year, they get someone who’s more than comfortable in front of the camera, and has TV or online video experience thru YouTube. Meg Maley fit that role last year, Frankie Grande two years ago, Amanda on BB15, and so on. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, either. Probably helps to have someone who understands the camera and can take (and possibly) give direction among the cast.

As for Bronte, she’s most definitely the wild card houseguest of the year. I could see her as a female Andy Herren, who won BB15. I could also see the house getting annoyed with her, or seeing through whatever “act” she puts on. I think I’ll split the difference here, but she’s the kind of houseguest that could finish anywhere in the standings.


As many of my social media colleagues have pointed out, Michelle Meyer, a Michigan nutritionist, looks like a brunette version of BB16’s Nicole. One of the things I often say is that Nicole had more of a dark side or killer instinct, she would have gone deeper into her season, but it looks like she’ll be one of the four houseguests coming back this year.

Everything I have seen Michelle screams at me that she’s going to be very entertaining to watch. She seems to get that you want to weak while being strong, something Vanessa played to the hilt last season. We haven’t had a woman win Big Brother since Rachel won BB13 back in 2011. Michelle just might be the one to break that streak.


On to that other Paul on the show this year, clothing designer Paul Abrahamian. Another one of these guys who does his own thing and dances to his own drummer. Got a feeling not only will we see Paul this season, but brought back for a future season if Big Brother lasts on CBS into the 2020’s.

I can see him playing the game much like Evel Dick did on BB8, unafraid to say anything or do anything, even if it means getting under the skin of other houseguests. Much like Vanessa last year, I can see him losing the season by missing some random question near the end, but he should have a legendary run.


Tomorrow, a look at Glenn, Natalie, and Tiffany, then the four returnees on Monday. Enjoy the weekend off…we don’t get another one until late September!


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