BB18, Day 3: Down Goes BOB!

Jeff Schroeder and Zakiyah Everette…

Before moving on to the analysis of the next three houseguests, word came down yesterday that show producers have gotten rid of that horrible Edsel of a twist, the Battle Of The Block. That gimmick will be replaced with another comp that will take place during the week right after the nominations on Friday in real time, and Sunday on the TV show.

My personal guess as to what replaces it is that this will be a spin off of another tried and failed twist, the MVP from BB15. I’m thinking whoever wins the contest will be immune from being nominated (a power the MVP winner did not have), and will get to name a nominee of his or her own, or grant immunity to any houseguest. The HOH can compete and win the power as well as the rest of the house.

But that’s just my guess. Let’s see what the producers come up with.

Funny how you see houseguests from one location in one season, and then different contestants in later seasons from roughly the same location. Seven seasons ago, Jordan Lloyd came into the house as a waitress from Matthews, North Carolina, which is basically a suburb just southeast of Charlotte.

This year, we have Zakiyah Everette, a preschool teacher from the home of the NFL’s Panthers in Charlotte. I don’t think we have ever had a preschool teacher on the show before, so it’ll be interesting to see how Zakiyah’s game plays out. But, knowing how the women oddly never seem to get along all that well in the house, I can see several women being voted out early, despite how good their character may be.


Next up is Bridgette Dunning, a traveling nurse based out of Fresno, California. Haven’t been a lot of nurses or women in the medical profession on the show, outside of BB6’s Maggie, who won her season. That should suggest that her personal networking skills should be good enough not to be one of the first causalities of the season. But like I said with Zakiyah, women don’t tend to work together when $500,000 is on the line.


The last stop today is a check-in on Victor Arroyo, a 25 year-old gym manager, not a bad gig to get at such a young age. Seems to have some narcissistic qualities to him, much like Devin Shepherd a couple of years back. In his CBS bio, he says he wants to underplay some of his personality traits, and that may be a recipe for disaster with his personality being what it might be. I see him joining the BB “One and Done” club on June 30th.


Saturday: a look at Bronte, Michelle, Paul.
Sunday: a look at Glenn, Natalie, Tiffany.
Monday: our four returnees, if confidence remains high in who they are.


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