BB18, Day 2: Time To Analyze

In one of the 12 taped interviews released Tuesday, Jeff Schroeder interviews Paulie Califiore, brother of BB16’s Cody, who himself is now a houseguest on BB18.

With a bit of time on our hands before the “TV show” version of Big Brother begins on June 22nd (Day 8), I’m going to do some analysis on each of the 12 new houseguests, three per day over the next four days. Confidence remains high that the returning houseguests will be Frank, Nicole, James, and Da’Vonne. Should that remain the case, I’ll analyze the returnees on Day 6, Monday.

In true Big Brother fashion, I determined the four groups of three by a random draw, and here’s how the groups broke down:

Today: Paulie, Corey, Jozea
Friday: Zakiyah, Bridgette, Victor
Saturday: Bronte, Michelle, Paul
Sunday: Glenn, Natalie, Tiffany

Paulie (not to be confused with Paul, the L.A. fashion designer) is, of course, the brother of BB16’s Cody, and the Calafiores are the first set of brothers to have each played the US version of Big Brother. Reading his bio (no, I don’t watch the Jeffy interviews) tells me he’s going to win a few physical comps, and will probably wow a lady or two in the house and be a figure in alliances. I wonder how he gets along with Nicole, assuming her return.


Corey Brooks is a baseball coach, which is fitting, because to me he looks a lot like Corey Dickerson of the Tampa Bay Rays. If Robyn Kass uses a general template each season with kinks thrown in each year based on popular culture, Corey strikes me as this year’s Caleb Reynolds. Seems to have a “people skills” side, and perhaps a darker side that is going to be tough to hide as the days in the house mount.

Then there’s this from Reality Blurred about Corey’s use of homophobic commentary, which reminded Andy Denhart of…Caleb. Hopefully, we don’t have what Dingo over at Hamsterwatch called the “rabies” situation of three seasons ago with repeated insensitive remarks.


Lastly today, Jozea Flores is a makeup artist out of Los Angeles. He’s a big Frankie Grande fan, but I won’t hold that against him. I’m kidding! Traditionally, I’m of the theory that artists, actors, and models don’t do well on BB, mainly because they tend to focus on themselves a bit much. I don’t think it’s an accident that students, teachers, waitresses, and nurses tend to do better season after season, as they tend to manipulate more frequently as part of their daily lives. That being said, I can see Jozea as part of some early alliances.


Three more to look at tomorrow, catch you then!


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