BB18, Day 1: Meet The Newbies

Here they are: 12 brand new houseguests, with 4 more yet to be revealed.

Did you feel it?

Did you feel that rush of tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook racing by around 2pm on the East Coast?

There were a lot of rumors and expectations this year, but from what I can see, the rumors from the most reputable sources proved correct.

Here’s the list of the names and occupations of the first dozen released yesterday, who now join the 212 who have played at least once in the first 17 seasons:


Hmmm, I see a few familiar names there. For the second straight year, there’s a Rousso. Yes, Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister. And, for the second season in the past three, we have a Calafiore in the house in Paul. Yep, that’s the brother of Cody from BB16.

And we have at least four more houseguests yet to be revealed, so the rumors of returning contestants seem VERY true at this point. One school of thought is that the returnees are Derrick, Ian, Vanessa, and Audrey. The other theory is that it’s Frank from BB14, Nicole from BB16, DaVonne and James from BB17. At this point, it looks like the latter foursome is more likely to be correct, but we won’t know for sure until we see them in the house I suppose. It’s also possible that the four going up could be some sort of mash-up among this pool of eight.

Sometime today or tonight, these 12 (at least) move in. Best wishes to the houseguests playing and to production for a memorable season that puts this franchise back on track after four straight years of losing ratings.

What to do in the intervening time? I’ll be doing some houseguest analysis over the next four days, going thru the new dozen three by three. Plenty of time to look over the material in the intervening time.


One thought on “BB18, Day 1: Meet The Newbies

  1. I wish there were a couple more middle aged house guests in the mix. They can find some youngish looking house guests in this demographic. They are getting better with people of color though. I’ll be watching regardless but it has yet to be seen if these folks are going to be people with interesting lives to make the summer sizzle.

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