BB18, Day 16: Stuff Our Houseguests Say


Bronte with Natalie, right before Bronte said of James: “I will send you (James) back to Hong Kong.”

Well, like it or not, here we go again. I’m hoping this is just a mere detour down the BB15 road, and not a total trip back to that season.

The headline from yesterday came late on Tuesday night and/or early Wednesday morning when Bronte and Paul each had made racially insensitive remarks against James. Late in the afternoon, Bronte’s sister took the extraordinary measure of apologizing for her sister’s remarks last night on her Twitter handle. It was refreshing to see Bronte’s family grasp the value and magnitude of what had happened, probably aware of what happened three years ago.

I accept their apology, and I for one will accept the apology at face value. I certainly do NOT condone my fellow fans calling workplaces regardless of what was said, attempting to get contestants fired from their jobs. That’s just flat out stupid. If you have to do that, then something is wrong with YOU, and you’re not under those bright TV lights in Studio City as THEY are.

The way I see it, Bronte said something wrong, and the people in Bronte’s life will deal with it. That’s fine with me, and the rest of us should just move on.

The vote still looks like Jozea will be evicted. But, with Da’Vonne scheming last night, could she throw a hinky into the mix tonight? That would take Jozea’s seven votes and turn them into six, which is still the majority needed for eviction. Might be nothing, might wind up being a plot twist for the coming eviction stage if “Mama Day” can blame that hinky vote on someone else successfully.

The newbies must not have watched the show last year, as they seem fed up (especially Victor) with James and his practical jokes. Early in the day yesterday, James and Victor exchanged words once more, with James trying to get the Louisiana gym owner to lighten up. If I were James, I’d simply play more practical gags on him just to keep him irritated. Like Sun Tzu said, “If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.”

Lighten up, guys. Enjoy your stay, even if the game doesn’t go your way.

Michelle had a bit of a panic attack in the lounge by herself yesterday before being consoled by Frank. The two of them have been in “pixel suits” for over a week, and that hasn’t sat well with the Michigan super fan, who seems to have body issues despite (from what I could tell) a decent body for a woman in her early 20’s. I don’t get why producers had to throw a punishment like that at the group so early in the season, and I generally don’t get why we still have the whole Have Not thing. Just strikes me as incredibly stupid, and I’d rather see everybody’s strategic play without any kind of food handicaps or humiliation.

Shortly thereafter, production gave the go ahead for Frank’s team to remove their pixel suits, and resume wearing normal clothes.

That’s pretty much it for yesterday. Today has gotten off to a rousing start, including Jozea catching wind that he’s on the hit list, and another squabble between Tiffany and Frank. More on that tomorrow.

Happy birthday, Nicole!

BB18, Days 14-15: Jozea, Can’t You See?


Jozea is in a league of his own delusion. Even wore a towel as a cape over the weekend.

It’s still a bit boring inside the house. To me, it’s like Interstate 10 between San Antonio and El Paso. Not a lot to see, but a seemingly infinite amount of time to see it.

I think Jozea has at least seven votes to go home, possibly more by the time the live show comes around. I can envision scenarios where the remaining four votes go to Paulie, Bridgette, or split among the two. (During BB15 and their MVP twist, three HG’s were nominated, but at least one of the nominees on the block would get no votes, and twice the vote was unanimous.)

Much like Joey Van Pelt a couple of years ago, Jozea (and his delusions) is feeds gold, and we will miss him when he’s gone, no doubt. Enjoy him while you can, but…might we see him again? It is widely been reported that Glenn did NOT go home when he was evicted by competition, so it seems like the show may have designs of bringing back a houseguest before the jury phase, something we haven’t seen since BB13. It’s another element of the show I’m not a fan of (outside of Amy’s resurrection on BB3 to evict the cocky Chiara), but it must be a popular element, because they always go back to it.

Where the game goes forward is where the fun starts, with the HOH competition playing out on the live show. I’m going to take a wild guess that the comp will revolve around the team concept somehow, and the winning team will have to decide who wears the crown. But I could be wrong about that.

Ratings have not been good in the early going, with the last two of three episodes on CBS doing below the seasonal average last year of 6.18 million viewers. With the show in the last year of a two-year deal, it’s something worth keeping an eye on. I highly doubt this will wind up being BB’s last season, as I could easily see it moving to another network if the Eye Network no longer wants it. FOX has had so many Big Brother imitation shows over the years, I could easily see it winding up there, for example. With the show a cash cow for the CBSAA apps over a variety of devices, I highly doubt CBS would let this property go to another network, especially with the significant other of Les Moonves hosting the show.

Tuesday night’s events on the live feeds made me wonder how soon it will be before this first alliance of eight, and the “Fatal Five” alliance within the alliance, will all come crumbling down. Between Nicole’s insecurities and hidden cattiness and Da’Vonne mishandling key information (and perhaps the hidden agenda of wanting to take James out), it makes me wonder when the claws will come out. Tiffany handled the problem with much more grace than her sister probably would have, using Vanessa’s interrogation techniques that would make the CIA proud to get to the heart of the matter.

Later on in the night, Bronte made the bone-headed move of giving some of the other women dirty looks, which did not go unnoticed by Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. They reported it back to other members of the “Fatal Five” alliance, so should they control HOH, Bronte’s days may be numbered. But with many possible moves, I suppose that’s not set it stone.

The night’s feed watching (at least for me) wound down with the house getting its 3rd booze delivery in 4 days, which prompted the drinking game of “Never Have I Ever” where if anyone playing did the deeds the speaker had never done, they had to take a swig of wine.

Now a couple days closer to eviction, tensions seem to have ratcheted up. I’ll be back with more tomorrow, as I sense there will be some stuff to talk about.

BB18, Days 12-13: Goatgate, And Something For Giggles

2016-06-25-15.07.15-Cam 3.png

Corey discussing the values of Donald Trump on Day 11…

The weekend came and went, with the POV meeting speculated to have taken place yesterday. It looked like it wouldn’t happen, but a little before 6pm ET, the feeds went to “Jeffy Loops” and the meeting was indeed held. As expected, Paul vetoed himself off, and Frank, as the Roadkill winner, secretly placed Bridgette up as the replacement nominee.

It was a good weekend to get to know this year’s contestants, though I must admit some of them I wish would have stayed away from us.

The hot button issue of who should be the next President raised its ugly head Saturday, and became the first argument of live feed season. Michelle, Frank, and Corey are all ardent Donald Trump supporters, who argued against Jozea, who’s very anti-Trump. He didn’t share with us all whether or not he likes Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, though now it’s a moot point.

There’s already cracks in the first “big alliance” of eight this year, as Frank and Tiffany had a tiff (no pun intended) that was eerily reminiscent of Austin and Vanessa last season. Frank snapped when Tiff questioned repeatedly over a short period of time who got what amount of wine, for which Frank would apologize for later. Store that incident for later, and ponder whether or not history will repeat itself on that front.

Then, we got to another controversial moment. Corey told the story Saturday night about how he and friends got drunk one night, with the friend pouring lighter fluid on a goat and attempting to set the animal ablaze. He told the tale like it was some practical joke that he thought everyone would be amused by, but the group seemed generally unhappy with the tale.

I found it personally repugnant, being a cat owner. But as I type this on Monday morning, I have no idea if this will be another media crap-storm as the racial insensitivity of BB15 proved to be. I think it all depends on if the story gets to the “PETA lobby” and what they do with it if it gets to them. Some of you may remember that three years ago, the protests got to show sponsors, and once that happen, the protests hit an immovable object.

I’ve probably said this before in the five seasons (counting this one) I’ve been doing this blog. If you’re upset by Corey’s remarks, I have no problems with you. The best way to protest would be not to watch, as ratings wise, that’s been happening more and more as of late with show ratings already dropping off of last season’s average. Don’t think I’m giving away any “state secrets” telling you that.

Jozea still appears to be the overwhelming favorite to go home, barring a complete meltdown by Bridgette.

Oh, by the way, could Vanessa and Tiffany be swapping out in the Diary Room like Liz and Julia Nolan did last year? Dingo from Hamsterwatch was the first to suggest it, then came this Sunday night:

Look at the tattoo designs, and how they are each different. The one on the left has a more random design, while the one on the right has the leaves in a more vertically stacked design.

Hey, I could totally be wrong about this, and if I am, so be it. But I’d rather deal with something amusing like this then hearing about guys who think their tough getting drunk and harming animals, but that’s just me.

Unless business picks up, the next blog entry will be in a couple of days. Until then, happy hunting!

BB18, Day 11: Fresh Roadkill


Feeds were up on the Windows 10 CBSAA app by mid-afternoon yesterday, Eastern time…

I feel I should recap some info from yesterday, as a lot happened in that 7-day gap or so between when last night’s episode aired and when the live feeds began.

I’m trying hard not to commit these team names to memory, since it’s obvious the team concept is this season’s “front game” that will be gone by the time we get to August. But here goes:

  • Category 4 consists of Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, and Paulie. They received the punishment of having to wear cardboard pieces that look like pixels from a distance. Other than being permitted to wear undergarments, they aren’t allowed to wear anything else.
  • Big Sister is Da’Vonne, Paul, Jozea, and Zakiyah, who were the have-nots for a week, though their punishment ended at midnight Thursday night.
  • Team Unicorn is Bronte, James, Natalie, and Victor. No member of their team can be nominated this week for eviction with Victor winning the first “Hit The Road” stage.
  • The Freakazoids are Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, and the now departed Glenn. As a result of being named HOH, they also can’t be nominated for eviction and are safe to the third eviction stage, as are the Unicorns.

The new competition played each week in place of Battle Of The Block is called Roadkill. Frank won the competition (or, so it appears), and Paul thus became the third nominee. Whoever wins the comp picks a third nominee in secret and doesn’t have to reveal his or her pick, much like how the MVP worked on BB15. But the catch is a big one: if the Roadkill nominee wins Power of Veto or has the veto used on them, they get to take themselves off the block, but the Roadkill winner names the replacement nominee, NOT the HOH winner.

As an example using the present situation, if Paul wins veto and uses it on himself, or should someone else uses it on him, Frank would get to decide who goes on the block in his place. I think this will be a fun new element to watch as the season progresses, along with three nominees to vote from on eviction night. This makes it possible that the HOH would be needed to resolve ties on any given week, so if the pre-season rumors are true that Julie Chen won’t be revealing tallies on eviction night, it should ratchet up paranoia as to who voted for whom.

The POV was held yesterday, as opposed to the normal day of Saturday, but with a 16-day “stage” that knocks out two houseguests, there must be a lot of boredom in there. Da’Vonne and Corey joined Paul, Paulie, Nicole, and Jozea as the competitors. As fate would have it, Paul wound up taking the first POV of the season.

Jozea seems to be public enemy number one in the house at this point, and I agree with what seems to be the house assessment. He created a minor furor (compared to other seasons) disparaging the military and the 4th of July, and just seems generally delusional and disrespectful. Whoever Frank chooses to replace Paul with (the early thinking being Bridgette), I don’t think they have anything to worry about.

They got booze overnight, but I was well into bed by the time that happened. Jozea had a house meeting only half the house showed up for. What he had to say didn’t make any sense, making it obvious he’s a recruit, and also obvious that unless something dramatically changes, he’s the next one gone.

The feeds on the XBox 360 are still not working, so I still have to watch things on the computer or HDMI them to the TV. It would have been nice if all of this could have worked from the get go, but this only proves way CBS All Access isn’t in Netflix’s league, and is no where close.

Unless things considerably change, the next blog entry will be Monday, as it appears today what a Sunday would normally be in the house, with nothing to do but plot. If I do one in the interim, I’ll alert everyone on my Twitter feed. Between Jozea’s illogical rantings and the feeds not working on the XBox, I’m already a bit bored, and that’s not a good sign.

BB18, Day 10: Feeding Time


Jamie Lefevre put this up on Twitter, and I found this most interesting. It’s a map of what states the HG’s who have played from BB2 to BB17 come from.

Going into last night’s second episode, I felt the odds looked longest for Glenn. We knew that either Corey, Nicole, Tiffany, or Glenn would go home. But, in another ridiculous postulate, one of those four would also become the season’s first HOH, despite losing three times already.

I felt that it would have made much more sense to make Victor the HOH, as he was the last person standing in the initial part of the “Hit The Road” competition. You don’t give the Super Bowl to a team that misses the playoffs, so the logic of awarding HOH to one of the worst four competitors in this series of events, it’s baffling.

My thoughts proved correct during the second episode’s airing, Glenn wound out being the odd man. You might remember I had Glenn the 3rd out of the game, so I was pretty close. Nicole became HOH (much to the chagrin of the always on-edge Paul), and went with the pawn strategy of making Jozea the target up against Paulie, playing the role of the pawn.

Ah yes, the old “pawn gambit” that often backfires, a Big Brother staple. Herein lies the beauty of this season: veterans making risky movies, outnumbered by newbies, some of whom don’t seem to have a good grasp of the strategies to use to keep the numbers in their favor. Jozea and Victor, if the two packaged episodes are any indication, have no clue how to play the game, and that leads me to believe that they are recruits, and not those who went to auditions in an area near them.

And the kicker is, they don’t know that this new competition is coming, or didn’t when this was taped last week.

But, what would we gather when the feeds went live? Let me warn you here and now that I DO spoilers. I assume you are here because you want to now what will be happening on the TV show in the coming days, so that’s my policy. I discuss the game in real time.

Last chance. Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know.

I dozed off right after the feeds commenced at 1am ET. I was hoping to catch the feeds on TV via the XBox 360, but as of this writing, that device, along with a few others (like the Windows 10 app) are not in working order. This may also explain why, at present, the time stamp on the feeds was so wonky last night, not showing the correct Big Brother Time, which is Pacific Time.

This new competition we have yet to see that will “shake up the game” has been played, and we now know that, like on BB15, it seems to give someone the power to place a third nominee on the block. This time, that nominee was Paul, who know joins Paulie and Jozea. Nobody seems to have gathered how this competition/power works just yet, so my advice: watch Sunday’s show.

There have been wholesale changes in alliances. There are not one, but two all-female alliances in the game, and there seems to be a showmance between Zakiyah and Paulie.

We’ll learn more today, and hopefully, all the devices not yet in working order will be in better shape.

BB18, Day 9: Almost Nothing (New) To See Here


The first “wave” of 12 before moving in. Michelle went in first, but wasn’t in the house first. One of the four “stowaway” returning players was.

I must admit I had ulterior motives bringing BB3’s “veto-gate” up again. Last night (if I remember right) was the first two-hour premiere and the first two-hour TV episode since September 14, 2002, the very night Marcellas chose not to use veto and got evicted. The show had better ratings then (8.7 million viewers on average as opposed to 6.18 million last year), so CBS is no doubt hoping to get off to a flying start.

By the way, I don’t think the show is going to do well ratings wise, as I predicted on Twitter that the show will do a 5.5 average over the season. That might seem a little on the low side, but they have the Olympics and possibly contentious political conventions to compete against, plus shows you need the Internet to watch on Netflix and Amazon. Plus, the new twists may not work out, or as was the case last year, mysteriously disappear as the Takeover did.

Yes, I want the show to do well, but times change for everyone whether we want them to or not. I just think a lot more can go wrong than go right this year.

Oh, another confession: outside of the first couple of episodes, the live evictions (and the taped ones, for that matter), and the finale, I don’t watch the episodes. I get the feeds, have now for three years, and I have the time to either watch the feeds or get up to speed quickly.

Speaking of which, the much ballyhooed TV debut was last night, so I guess I ought to talk about that. Can you tell I’m trying to avoid doing so?

I have to be honest: I wasn’t a fan of the first show. First off, the returning houseguests twist is nothing new, in fact four returning houseguests isn’t even new, it’s borrowed from BB14. The “team” concept isn’t new, that’s borrowed from BB11. Having teams compete also borrows from BB14 a bit, as does someone being evicted from the team that does the worst. Now they did put a fresh spin on these twists to give the newbs and the veterans something to think about, which created a sense of teamwork on some teams, and friction on others.

It seemed to me that the whole “team name” thing was forced onto them by production. Why do we need team names? I would have been okay with Team Frank, Team Nicole, Team James, and Team Da’Vonne.

However, my biggest problem with the roll-out is that for the first time in show history, a houseguest is going to be evicted based on a competition, and not a vote. While I realize this is likely to be a one-time event, I have serious misgivings about evicting someone that way. Even on BB9 when the power couple kicked out another couple, it was their vote, as was the case on BB14 when Dan had to sacrifice Jodi Rollins on the first day that season.

Otherwise, it’s just another way Big Brother has morphed into a boxed-up Survivor, but that’s been going on ever since BB2. Why should things change now?

Not a good start to the season, in my humble opinion. But, it’s a long season, and it might just get better.

Tomorrow, some more pieces of the puzzle will be set, including who went home first.

BB18, Day 8: The History

Like many of you, I’m looking forward to tonight’s airing of the first show of the season on CBS, and actually talking about the game and watching it develop.

Thought today would be a good day to take a trip through time and gander at all of the evictions and winners through the years.

Favorite Season: a toss-up between BB2 and BB3. It must be hard to produce these shows and make each season unique, as there’s a natural “law of diminishing returns” at play here. I sense that’s why some of the bigger reality shows of the first decade of this century aren’t around. BB10 and last season were also pretty decent, and would make my top 5 along with BB6.


If you’ve been watching the show from the beginning, this is probably a memorable moment, as it is for me. Marcellas getting slapped by Julie’s cue cards, September 14, 2002.

Most Memorable Moment, And Most Shocking Eviction: Marcellas not using the veto on BB3. The “Power of Veto” was introduced that season, and many fans forget that throughout most of that season, if someone on the block won POV, they could NOT use it on themselves. They could, however, use it on the person against them on the block in an effort to induce a better opponent, thus finding the votes to stay in the game. During the last competition of the veto (which that year and only that year was in the stage with five houseguests remaining, not four as it has been every year since), the current rule of using the veto to save yourself was enabled.

Marcellas won the veto and didn’t use it, surely thinking Amy, having been evicted once already, would go home a 2nd time there and then. Lisa and Danielle split their votes, and HOH Jason cast the tiebreaker to send the fashion stylist out of the house. Julie Chen initiated her interview, playfully slapping Marcellas on the head, asking him, “What were you thinking?!?” I imagine over the years, more people than he wants to count have asked him about that.

A lot of other people think “the toothbrush incident” is the biggest thing ever to happen, but I’m of the point of view that something that negative shouldn’t be the biggest thing to ever happen, or the most memorable.

Tomorrow, a look at the opening night of the season…which took place last week.