BB18, Day 16: Stuff Our Houseguests Say

Well, like it or not, here we go again. I’m hoping this is just a mere detour down the BB15 road, and not a total trip back to that season. The headline from yesterday came late on Tuesday night and/or early Wednesday morning when Bronte and Paul each had made racially insensitive remarks against James. […]

BB18, Days 14-15: Jozea, Can’t You See?

It’s still a bit boring inside the house. To me, it’s like Interstate 10 between San Antonio and El Paso. Not a lot to see, but a seemingly infinite amount of time to see it. I think Jozea has at least seven votes to go home, possibly more by the time the live show comes […]

BB18, Days 12-13: Goatgate, And Something For Giggles

The weekend came and went, with the POV meeting speculated to have taken place yesterday. It looked like it wouldn’t happen, but a little before 6pm ET, the feeds went to “Jeffy Loops” and the meeting was indeed held. As expected, Paul vetoed himself off, and Frank, as the Roadkill winner, secretly placed Bridgette up […]

BB18, Day 11: Fresh Roadkill

I feel I should recap some info from yesterday, as a lot happened in that 7-day gap or so between when last night’s episode aired and when the live feeds began. I’m trying hard not to commit these team names to memory, since it’s obvious the team concept is this season’s “front game” that will […]

BB18, Day 10: Feeding Time

Going into last night’s second episode, I felt the odds looked longest for Glenn. We knew that either Corey, Nicole, Tiffany, or Glenn would go home. But, in another ridiculous postulate, one of those four would also become the season’s first HOH, despite losing three times already. I felt that it would have made much […]

BB18, Day 9: Almost Nothing (New) To See Here

I must admit I had ulterior motives bringing BB3’s “veto-gate” up again. Last night (if I remember right) was the first two-hour premiere and the first two-hour TV episode since September 14, 2002, the very night Marcellas chose not to use veto and got evicted. The show had better ratings then (8.7 million viewers on […]

BB18, Day 8: The History

Like many of you, I’m looking forward to tonight’s airing of the first show of the season on CBS, and actually talking about the game and watching it develop. Thought today would be a good day to take a trip through time and gander at all of the evictions and winners through the years. Favorite […]