The Final Five That’s Actually Six

2016-04-06-20.35.13-Cam 1
One of Nikki’s many faces…she was evicted on Day 63 as part of a double eviction night.

Whoever wins the fourth season of Big Brother Canada on May 12th is bound to make either a minor or major point of show history, no matter who among the last five entries (or six people) win. More on that in a moment.

As the game stands at the moment here on Day 66 (and as usual, I do spoilers): Kelsey is the HOH, and put up Cass and Tim for possible eviction. Tim won the Power of Veto, so he will be off the block, and Kelsey will have to put up either Joel or the Nick/Phil brother tandem as a replacement.

Over the past month, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, and Nikki were evicted, the latter two as part of the second double eviction show. Ramsey became the first BBCAN houseguest to leave the show due to a family emergency, as his father fell into bad health and needed a surgery.

I have take a moment here and give credit where credit is due: kudos to the show producers on handling Ramsey’s departure the right away. Had this happened on the US version of the show, it may have been a different story, as was the case with Neil Garcia on BB9, who left for a family emergency that was never further explained on TV.

We still have two of the three “gimmick” houseguest entries in play. Tim’s still in the game (despite being nominated at the moment) and could become the first non-North American winner of a North American BB. If brothers Nick and Phil win, they would be the first co-winners in North American history.

The remaining three can also set a precedent with a victory in 11 days as well. Cassandra would be the youngest winner in BBCAN history at 22, and the first winner with a computer based occupation. If Joel wins, he’d be the oldest BBCAN winner at 33, and if Kelsey finishes first, she’ll be the first evicted houseguest in BBCAN or North American history to re-enter the house and win.

Should either Joel or Kelsey win, they’d be the first winner of BBCAN west of the western Ontario border.

Good luck to the final five…er, six.

I’ll be back on June 5th, Lord winning, to wrap up BBCAN, and review the Big Brother themed episode of The Price Is Right airing May 24th. Daily coverage should begin around June 18th or so, when houseguests enter the BB18 house. Rumor has it from a few houseguests on Twitter that there may be some returning houseguests this season, which wouldn’t surprise me at all considering what the show will be up against the summer, so stay tuned.


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