Loss Of Signal

2016-03-11-10.58.33-Cam 4.png
Loveita (center) holds court with BBAU’s Tim and BBUK’s Nikki. Talk about an international summit meeting…

In the past four weeks, we’ve had five more houseguests leave the game in Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, and Dallas this Thursday past.

In this most recent wave of twists revealed over the past week, Kelsey and Loveita were not permanently eliminated from play, but were part of what was billed as a “fake double eviction” (a phrase borrowed from the UK version), meaning one of the two houseguests would be returning. Unlike when a similar revival took place in our third season in 2002, when a majority vote brought Amy Crews back into the game, the remaining crew not eliminated have to come to a unanimous verdict.

To heighten suspense (and also frustrate viewers), the free feeds of the show were cut off over the past few days, so whatever deliberations took place will remain a mystery until tonight’s highlights show airs on Global TV throughout Canada.

All of this overshadows how the eviction of Dallas Cormier was a bit of a screwing, to put it politely. Last week, Tim was the Head of Household, but instead of the normal procedure of the Aussie naming two houseguests as eviction candidates, producers imported the nomination format used on the Australian version of the show. Each houseguest have five nomination points to allocate (either 4 for one and 1 for the other, or 3-2) between two and only two houseguests. They may also decline to participate (which Dallas did), in which case they’d be assessed a five point penalty. Instead of Tim being free to make his choices, the house made the decisions for him.

As for the feed shut down, it seems to have pissed off viewers across the Great White North. It was another fumble for the show much in the spirit of how former reality star Donald Trump keeps fumbling his chances to become the President of the United States in rather comical fashion, if it weren’t taken so seriously. Producers at Global will no doubt wonder how they can make this season great again.

Now you know why I can’t take the BB Canada version so seriously anymore. You have twists that make no sense, and a lack of transparency at critical moments that could make for a breeding ground for show fixing. Plus, these bait and switch games with the twists that resemble some recent American seasons.

More in a few weeks…


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