Canada Versus The Commonwealth

Tim Dormer was one of the “International Wild Cards” chosen to enter the house on Day 7 of the fourth season of Big Brother Canaada

While America watches the bizarre reality show of a former reality TV star attempting to win the Republican nomination for President in the form of Donald Trump, we’re now three months and change shy of Big Brother 18. Now that we have entered March, that also means it’s once again Big Brother Canada time.

The Canadian version of BB is most definitely it’s own, filled with a menagerie of twists and the type of winners we don’t usually see here in the States, although I tend to think that’s a good thing. This year began with 15 houseguests to start the season, but a pair of two brothers, Nick and Phillipe Paquette, will play as one entity, much like the UK version of BB has handled some tandems. On Day 7, the fourth season evicted it’s first houseguest of the year when 19 year old Paige Distranski of Thunder Bay, Ontario was evicted 7-4.

With one houseguest out, the newest twist was revealed: four houseguests from various countries and previous seasons had the chance to enter the house, with one guy and one gal chosen. The American representative struck me as a bit of an odd choice: Jase Wirey, an early drop-out in BB5 in 2004 (lasting 42 days) and an even quicker drop-out (lasting 25 days) on the all-star BB7 in 2006. His revival as a Big Brother houseguest was over before it began, as 2013 Australian winner Tim Dormer and frequent BB UK contestant and reality queen Nikki Grahame were chosen over Italian houseguest Veronica Graf and Mr. Wirey.

It’s always fun for me to watch the beginning part of each season and watch the growth of interpersonal relationships. It seems good players know who to target, but the mark of a great player is one who knows whom to target by using them as a shield to advance their own cause as the days progress. It will be interesting to see how emerges and who crashes and burns early, as it always is.

More next month, going daily sometime in June when BB18 begins.


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