Floating In A Most Peculiar Way

Danniella Westbrook was my pick to win the latest installment of Celebrity Big Brother, but finished 5th while making it to the final night.

There have now been more seasons of Celebrity Big Brothers (17) then there have been civilian versions (16), with the most recent version ending this past Friday night once again producing a winner that gets to extend his 15 minutes of reality fame in Scott Timlin, better known as Scotty T.

It was a season that was longer and had more houseguests than any other CBB edition, one of whom being Angie Bowie, the one-time wife of pop legend David Bowie. In an odd and morbid twist of fate, David passed away shortly after the season began on January 10th in New York City. Producers gave Angie the option to leave the show any time she chose, and to the surprise of many fans, she initially chose to stay in. She’d change her mind later, leaving on Day 15.

There were the usual mix of British stars mixed in with lesser known American counterparts, among them Tiffany Pollard from a menagerie of reality shows on VH-1 revolving around dating. “New York,” as she is also known by, did the best among the “Yanks” with a fourth place finish, lasting until the show’s final day.

Once again, there was controversy at the end of this edition of CBB, as was the case on the last season ending in the summer of 2015 with Farrah Abraham initiating a brawl. Gaz Beadle, who was a roommate of Scotty’s on Geordie Shore (which is much like the MTV’s Jersey Shore, set over in England and also produced by MTV’s counterparts in the UK), tricked Snapchat viewers into thinking he was somehow live in the Geordie house . When Gaz gave out the house phone number, he was actually giving the number where someone could vote for Scotty to win Celebrity Big Brother.

Even with the chicanery and votes being disqualified by the UK’s Channel 5 Network, Scotty was able to win the season in later voting stages (with the vote count reset, not carried over), though the incident will no doubt be a black eye for the show and the network moving forward amongst more intelligent fans.

Personally, I lost interest once David Bowie died, though it had nothing to do with the show. Didn’t think the possible anguish and grief Angie may have had was meant for all of us to see, even on a reality show. Though I thought it was the right thing for producers to give Angie Bowie the option to stay to go, I was shocked when Angie initially chose to stay, even though the two had not been close for a long time.

As for the voting kerfuffle, that’s something Channel 5 might want to look into when they cast future seasons, with one presumably on the way this summer. I’d love to see Vanessa Rousso go over to the UK and see how long she’d last with the ability to compete for power not an option for her, which saved her butt so many times on BB17 last year. Plus, a US Big Brother houseguest has never been on a UK version of the show, so I wouldn’t seeing that bubble burst. I’d have to assume it’s never happened due to different companies owning rights to the show in each country, if I had to guess.

More for you on March 6th, with a look at the first few days of Big Brother Canada 4, which is scheduled to get underway March 2nd.


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