The Year That Was, The Year That Will Be

BB 17’s Meg and James, joined by BB15’s Gina Marie.

The year of 2015 in BB is probably going to be remembered as the year Vanessa Rousso should have won, as opposed to the year Steve Moses did win. But you know all of this already, so let’s take a look at the other BB games in England and Canada this past year.

They play three Big Brothers in the UK: a winter Celebrity version, a civilian version, and a summertime Celebrity version. The 15th CBB that took place in the winter was won by Katie Price and featured a series of controversial antics by blogger and columnist Perez Hilton, playing up drama in the house to the hilt before his eviction on the 29th of 31 days, finishing sixth.

Chloe Wilburn won a record amount of £116,100 (about $172,000 US) on the civilian version across the pond, getting the most votes to win on the show’s 66th and final day. The prize is usually £100,000 for the winner, but a twist known as the “Cash Bomb” near the end of the season fluctuated the prize between £40,900 and £150,000 with a series of tasks that resulted in rewards and punishments.

A couple of months later, the last CBB of the year pitted eight Brit housemates (with two playing as single entity: Stevi Ritchie and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello) against seven American counterparts. This particular season lasted 29 drama-filled days with the Brits claiming victory in the person of James Hill. A-List reality star Austin Armacost finished highest amongst Americans with a second place finish.

Sarah Hanlon won Canada’s third season of Big Brother, a 70-day twist filled extravaganza, defeating fellow Toronto resident Godfrey Mangwiza 7-2 in the final vote. Hanlon won $100,000 (currently worth about $72,000 US) for her efforts, plus a $10,000 trip to anywhere in the world of her choice, and a $25,000 home makeover.

On to my three predictions for 2016:

The US version’s 18th season will bring back a renovated Battle Of The Block with a new twist. There will no longer be two teams of two battling it out, but four individuals battling for safety. The winner dethrones one of the two temporary HOH’s of his/her choice, while the second place finisher remains nominated, but can choose whoever he/she wants for the Power of Veto competition.

The casting for BB18 will include eighteen houseguests. They will include a transgendered man born a woman, plus a set of male triplets who will initially play as twins. One triplet will play as himself constantly while the second and third triplets will alternate playing as the second “twin” until the first houseguest has been evicted.

Finally, there will be ongoing rumors of cancellation for the US series with the ratings doing poorly during the Rio Olympics in August. The rumors will seem to be false until CBS announces at the end of BB18 that the 20th season of Big Brother will be the last on the network in 2018. (The 19th season will be the last regular version, the 20th being a second All-Star version.) Speculation will mount by the end of the year as to whether or not another network will pick the series up, or if it will leave the airwaves for good.

Next month, a look at the first UK Celebrity Big Brother of 2016. Look for that entry on February 7th, Super Bowl Sunday.


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