A Conspiracy Theory About Conspiracy Theories

The many facial expressions of Vanessa captured in one pic.
The many facial expressions of Vanessa captured in one pic. Found out later on October 4th that @DVEm1 created the collage, so allow me to give the proper credit.

I used to be someone who believed that BB was rigged. There’s a YouTube video of me ranting and raving about that four years ago. It happened, and I can’t deny that I felt that way at one point.

Since I’ve gotten re-interested in Big Brother these past four seasons, my opinions about whether or not it’s a rigged show have done a 180 degree turn, basically because of some of the ludicrous theories that have been espoused by people supposedly in the know.

The most recent of these theories revolved around Vanessa Rousso being hand picked for the win, because CBS wanted her to host a reality/poker show tentatively called Poker Face. The Celeb Dirty Laundry site does a disservice to its viewers printing such dreck on their site, but I guess they don’t care about having integrity.

As Scott Hudson brilliantly pointed out on one of the final “Big Brother Gossip” podcasts during the season, it’s a crazy rumor because poker’s popularity has waned since the online poker rooms were closed down in 2011. If you’re going to prosper in poker, you should be near Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or one of the many casinos on Indian land nationwide.

(Full disclosure here once again: I once won $450 back in 2010 at a PokerStars WCOOP tournament, but I don’t think I ever played against Vanessa, who was sponsored there at some point before the 2011 poker boom went bust.)

Two years ago, the rumor was the fix was in for Amanda to win, but she didn’t even make the final night of the season. Had the rumor substituted Andy in place for Amanda, it would have been very accurate. Note that the most hand-picked houseguest that year, Elissa, also didn’t get close to winning.

I heard the rumors and murmurs last year about how Frankie was chosen to win beforehand, and once again the rumors were absurdly false. Frankie finished 5th, and was lucky and fortunate to get that far.

Here’s my opinion, and it’s just that, my opinion: if CBS was going to rig BB for someone to win (and I should point out that the “if” is so big, it should be next to the Hollywood sign out in LA), why would they rig it for a houseguest who already has other means of income such as Frankie or Vanessa? Wouldn’t it be wiser to create their own legends and mythology as opposed to boosting those already using up their 15 minutes of fame?

That theory also has flaws if you look at the history of who has won Big Brother in the past. How would Rachel’s win on BB13 be explained? Or Mike Boogie winning BB7?

That’s the problem with conspiracy theories. Can’t have one of them without that sprouting more of them, after that it’s a snowball running downhill.

Back next month for more…


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