Big Brothers Foreign And Domestic

James Hill won Celebrity UK last Thursday, beating out Austin Armacost for the title.
James Hill won Celebrity UK last Thursday, beating out Austin Armacost for the title.

Another Big Brother that had been followed in the US concluded the day after Steve Moses won BB17. With six housemates competing for fans votes to decide who wins, it was James Hill of the UK version of The Apprentice who beat out Austin Armacost in the final two to win. Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton had the best finish among the woman with her third place finish, with actor Bobby Davro fourth, the UK X-Factor duo of Stevi Ritchie and Chloe-Jasmine Winchello fifth (playing as one entry), and actress and TV presenter Sherrie Hewson taking sixth.

The show did not leave the airwaves without an international incident of sorts. What happened is not precisely clear, but let me try putting it together the best I can.

Two nights prior to the final on September 22nd during a post live show broadcast of Bit On The Side, Farrah Abraham and BBUK season seven’s Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace appeared to get into an argument that turned into a Jerry Springer style physical altercation that the UK network chose not to air, deciding to end “BOTS” about ten minutes early instead after choosing not to show the incident.

It is alleged that Farrah threw a champagne glass at Aisleyne, and that Janice Dickinson either threw a chair to deflect Farrah’s glass throwing or struck Farrah with the chair, or both. She was assaulted, according to British press reports, on two separate occasions during the fight.

Another panelist, Vicky Michelle, got caught in the crossfire with Farrah at one end of the podium and Aisleyne at the other. The 64 year old British actress most noted for appearing in the Britcom ‘Allo ‘Allo feared being blinded after being struck by the glass that Farrah threw, aiming for Aisleyne.

According to Jenna Jameson’s Twitter feed, the chair throwing by Janice Dickinson struck Farrah in the head and back. Other reports say Janice also had a bruise as a result of the melee. There are a round robin of lawsuits that have been filed over the incident, which should keep the British legal system busy for a while.

Imagine something like this happening on BB in the US? Might have been a big time news event if it had. If the UK’s Channel 5 Network would have aired the footage (as it most certainly might have been had something like that had happened here, rightly or wrongly), the events that took place would have been much clearer to report.

Here in the US, there are strong indications, mainly in The Hollywood Reporter, that next year’s BB will be the second all-star edition, perhaps marking the 10th anniversary of the first such edition back on BB7. If so, it looks like Vanessa Rousso (who just got engaged to girlfriend Mel, congrats!) wants to be back next year.

If she can play a slightly better social game, I wouldn’t bet against her, even against a higher level of competition. I think losing so close to the big money will eat at her and make her a force of nature if she plays again next year. It will just be matter of what kind of opposition she faces. Will production try to assemble a series of heavy hitters, or do what they did on BB7 and get a lot of soft targets back into the fray?

We’ll see. More next week as the blog returns to its off-season schedule of entries the first Sunday of each month.


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