Days 96-98: Steve Slays The Dragon

Van ponders while Liz and Steve play on Day 97.

In the end, they had spent 98 days in the house, the longest season in US Big Brother history, and had played somewhere around 2,350 hours. The price for gas went under $2 during that time in some parts of the United States, and several presidential candidates announced their run for the White House next year, with two even dropping out before this BB season came to a close. The season began with a few days left in spring, and concludes tonight, the first day of autumn.

After getting viewers up to speed, it was time for the final part of the final HOH competition, and what a final part it was. Vanessa, who won the first part last week, met Steve, the winner of part two Friday night. The winner would likely win the season, the loser would likely be the next evicted. If Vanessa won HOH, she’d be the HOH an unprecedented fifth time, but if Steve won, he’d tie the long standing record and become the ninth four-time HOH in a single season, and BB17 would be the first season two produce two such four-timers. Not only was this the biggest competition of the season, but probably with the historical and season’s ramifications on the line simultaneously, the biggest competition in show history.

I looked at this comp like I did the final HOH comp of BB14 three years ago. Like Ian Terry three years ago, I figured Steve would have to play this comp perfectly. Any mistake and Vanessa would likely pounce on it. The comp was the usual “finish what the jurors said” contest, and it was a burn-burner. Steve took the lead after the first question, and the two would answer questions similarly for the next five queries. On the next to last question, Vanessa and Steve answered differently, with Vanessa getting the question right to level the score at 4-4.

Either the last question based on what Johnny Mac said would decide the winner, or a tiebreaker would if they answered equally. The crowd noticeably murmured when Vanessa and Steve answered the last question differently, which meant the contest would end without a tiebreaker being needed. Here’s what I said on Twitter:

Vanessa’s incorrect answer cost her roughly $485,000, (she should get a $15,000 stipend or thereabouts) as she was subsequently evicted in third place, a moment many thought would never happen. It was down to Liz and Steve for the big money, and after about 45 minutes of hype, questions, and summations, it was Steve Moses, the 22 year old of Gouverneur, New York, who won BB17 by a 6-3 vote. Liz took $50,000 for second, and James won the $25,000 for being America’s Favorite Player.

(The votes for Liz were: Julia, Austin, and surprisingly, Vanessa.)

Congratulations to all who took part this season. I’ve never wanted a season NOT to end before, but this one has left me that way. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Sunday I’ll be back to recap the climax of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK that ends tomorrow. After that, I’ll be doing blog entries the first Sunday of each month until we know the BB18 houseguests (which may be a bunch of All-Stars) are in the house sometime in June of 2016, and from there I plan on resuming daily coverage until that season concludes.

What a season, what a finish.


2 thoughts on “Days 96-98: Steve Slays The Dragon

  1. Thanks so much for your entries each day. Out of all the sites covering BB, you had the best insight – consistently – day in and out. Great work.

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