Day 94: Clash Of The Titans

The BB17 final three, just after the show ended Wednesday night...
The BB17 final three, just after the show ended Wednesday night…

The second part of the HOH competition was played last night, and this time Steve punched his ticket to the very last competition of the season, finishing his puzzle some three minutes before Liz did hers in separate “time trials” over the same course.

This sets up perhaps the biggest HOH finale Big Brother has ever had in its 17 US seasons, and that’s not hyperbole on a couple of fronts.

Whoever wins HOH will get a slice of statistical history, because either Vanessa will have won her unprecedented fifth HOH title of the season, or Steve will be the ninth houseguest to win four in a season, which would yet again tie the long standing mark. It would also be the first time a season has produced two separate four-HOH winners should Steve reign supreme.

There’s much more than statistical supremacy at stake: whoever wins HOH likely takes the 500K at the end of the night, with Liz the probable winner of the 50K second place prize. Whoever loses will have done a lot of work to get third place and about 16K in stipend money.

Over on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, it was “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham who was evicted in an eviction twist. The top four vote-getters (remember that over there the public votes to save, not to evict, and the evictee is the one with the fewest votes, not the most) each got to save one of the remaining five housemates. In the end, this left Austin Armacost having to choose between Farrah and porn queen Jenna Jameson, with Jenna staying safe when Austin chose the 24 year old reality star to be booted.

Not a lot of activity left in the US side of things, but I’ll think of something to talk about as we inch closer to the end.


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