Day 93: Another Day, Another Austin

Austin Armacost might be heading out of Celebrity Big Brother later today...
Austin Armacost might be heading out of Celebrity Big Brother later today…

Yesterday on BB17 was the traditionally early wake-up call for breakfast so that Liz, Vanessa, and Steve could talk about their “memories” of being in the house all of this time that will air Sunday night. Other than that, they chatted and strategized, although by now there is very little strategy left in the game with just the last two parts of the last HOH left to be played.

Over in the United Kingdom, two more people are leaving London’s Big Brother house out of the remaining nine. Everyone is eligible for eviction in this particular stage (twists usually always revolve around the nomination process somehow), although the public vote is not a vote to evict, but rather to vote as to whom to save. The top four vote-getters will be safe from eviction once revealed, with the last five eligible to be leaving in some eviction twist yet to be revealed. Earlier this week, hostess Emma Willis had suggested that the evictions will pose some sort of dilemma for the four safe housemates, so we’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

(I think the twist will be a vote of some kind, with all nine houseguests getting to choose who to send home among the last five eligible for eviction. If it’s a tie, they’ll probably rock-paper-scissor to decide who stays…who knows.)

One housemate that could be going home is Austin Armacost, star of the reality show “The A-List” that lasted a couple of seasons earlier in the decade. The way the highlights show presented things last night, Austin was behaving boorishly, and even attempts at apologies has the house more angry at him with each passing word. The twist may save him, or more likely, it may seal his fate.

Two Austins eliminated from the game four days apart on two different English-speaking versions of the show? It could happen.


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