Day 92: The Drive For Five

Johnny Mac fought the good fight, but went to jury house in 4th place.
Johnny Mac fought the good fight, but went to jury house in 4th place.

We now know the final three for this season: Vanessa, Liz, and Steve.

Johnny Mac was the latest evictee, this time permanently, as Vanessa’s POV win removed herself from the block and gave her the power to cast the only vote in his favor. Some of the great players have finished in fourth place throughout US BB history (such as BB11’s Jordan and BB2’s Dr. Will), and despite not winning HOH, I’d have to put the Pennsylvania dentist up there as one of the all-time greats.

His problem was that there’s another all-time great playing right now: Vanessa. After the live show went off the air last night, she won the first part of the last HOH competition, outlasting Steve and Liz in staying on a movable rope dipped in some sort of chocolate concoction (looking like the “fishpole” comp in BB14 somewhat) in an contest lasting nearly four hours. The two non-winners will do battle in the second part of the comp, the winner facing Vanessa in six days in the third and final part that decides the last HOH of the season.

If Vanessa wins the last HOH, she will do what none of the other 211 houseguests besides her have ever done: win five HOH’s in one season. Plus, despite Austin’s protests of a few days ago, the math looks good that she beats either Liz or Steve in the final two. If the final is Steve against Liz, I’d think Steve would win.

Nothing big planned today, but there’s always CBB over in the UK to talk about in the interim if nothing develops. Their brief season ends the night after BB17 does here, and there are still nine celebs in the house at the present time.


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