Day 91: Moses Survives Judas

Steve, Vanessa, and Austin goat-horning...
Steve, Vanessa, and Austin goat-horning…

In the best TV show of the year, it was Austin who was sent out in fifth place after Vanessa cast the first tiebreaking vote as HOH since the week Amanda Zuckerman was evicted back on BB15 two years ago. Austin told the Vegas poker pro that she can’t nor won’t win the season, with Vanessa quickly welling up tears over the decision.

Steve won the next HOH, defeating Johnny Mac in a contest that required yet another tiebreaker as those two and Liz tried to figure out who said what was being bleeped out in a series of a True/False questions. When the feeds came back at midnight, feedsters quickly discovered that the final nominations of the season went to Vanessa and Johnny Mac.

Going in, it seemed that all the pressure was on Vanessa to win POV to keep her Cinderella story alive.

And that’s EXACTLY what happened, with Vanessa asking Steve to throw the contest to him, apparently. It was her third POV win, meaning between herself and John, they have combined to win 7 of the 16 POV’s themselves alone.

Vanessa will likely veto herself off tonight, which will automatically put Liz on the block, and then send John out of the house once again as the eighth member of jury. If that happens, Liz, Steve, and Vanessa will be around on the first 98th day in show history when the show concludes a week from tonight.

I have had a hard time envisioning Vanessa winning this season, but it’s looking like more and more that it will happen now. Even if Vanessa doesn’t win HOH for an unprecedented fifth time on the final night of the season, she could probably cajole Liz or Steve to keep her around and convince either of them that they would win over her. She could tell Liz that a woman has never beaten a man in the final two, so get rid of Steve. She could also tell Steve that because she has so much blood on her hands, he’d be a cinch to win over her.

If she wins HOH, and with then having 5 HOH wins and 3 POV wins on her resume, how does one deny her the $500,000 prize at the end?


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