Day 90: How To Arrange A Trainwreck

Emma Willis, the host of the UK Big Brothers, including the present Celebrity Big Brother.
Emma Willis, the host of the UK Big Brothers, including the present Celebrity Big Brother.

I have no news for you on the BB US front. The feeds went off at 9am BBT yesterday, and will be off until everyone sees tonight’s show that has already been taped, which will be 9pm BBT tonight, or midnight Eastern time. Either Austin or Steve has gone home, and the result has been kept close enough of a secret to this point in time where it hasn’t been leaked anywhere.

With some idle time, I watched Celebrity Big Brother on YouTube, with their mini-season at around the midway point. In one sentence, CBB is basically the BB1 format…with celebrities. Twists usually revolve around the nominations where each houseguest puts up 2 nominees, and the top 2 in votes face a public vote. If you tie for second, or there’s a multiple-way tie for first of two or more, they all go up. That’s how it goes in a normal week, but things on the UK BB are rarely normal.

This season’s format (there are two CBB’s each year, one in January, the other in August after their civilian BB ends) pits a group of Americans against the Brits. On Friday, Jenna Jameson (yes, THAT Jenna, the porn star), and Farrah Abraham were fake evicted (an eviction that does NOT mean they’re out of the game) and got to spy on the other houseguests for a 48 hour period. What they didn’t know is that it was a fake fake eviction, where the other ten houseguests were made aware of the spying, and everyone Jenna and Farrah nominated were actually safe from eviction, and everyone safe will be facing the public vote later today.

When “Jerah” returned to the house, it didn’t take long for some heated discussions to take place. Janice Dickinson, who has been on scores of such reality shows, got into it with Jenna and Farrah, as did actor and comedian Bobby Davro who has been a favorite target of Farrah’s. It was Bobby’s 57th birthday as the show was taped on Sunday, so Jenna had a present for him out of her pocket: an extended middle finger or two.

More to come tomorrow, as there should be some significant news on the US version, as we figure who went to jury in 5th, and the developments in the abbreviated F4 “week” taking place over just a couple of days.


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