Day 89: The Dawn Of A Dark Period

BB16's Frankie Grande, flanked by Vanessa and Liz wearing disguises.
BB16’s Frankie Grande, flanked by Vanessa and Liz wearing disguises, September 11, 2015.

As expected, Johnny Mac removed himself off the block on Sunday, and Vanessa named Austin as her replacement nominee as had previously been arranged. Steve or Austin will go home actually today, but we won’t see that take place until the “live to tape” show on CBS tomorrow night.

That’s because the feeds will be down from 9am BBT today until 9pm tomorrow (noon Monday to midnight Tuesday night Eastern time) so keep the events exclusives for the TV show. After that, it should be near clear sailing until the final day, with the exception of the normal outages for contests and whatnot.

Steve looks like the favorite to be evicted later today, as he seemed at peace at going home this time around. In his self-talks with himself, he just doesn’t see himself winning, also seeming to be burned out at this point. Much like Clay and James before him, I think Steve is just all Big Brothered out at this point.

The key to all of this is Johnny Mac, and what he does with his vote. He told Austin a couple of days ago that he is with him and would vote out Steve, but that could be a reverse psychology ploy as was the case when the Pennsylvania dentist said he’d throw POV on Saturday, but didn’t. If Vanessa has to break a 1-1 tie, she might very well settle an old score and pin the wrestler’s shoulders to the mat for the three count.

More tomorrow, guaranteed. Might even talk a little Celebrity Big Brother over in the UK if there’s no new news Stateside.


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