Day 87: Incognito

A random quad from Thursday night...
A random quad from Thursday night…

The feeds stayed down for nearly 13 hours yesterday (more than the promised 10 hours and 45 minutes) so that Liz could get her luxury reward without us smart fans knowing about it and tipping off the public. She donned a wig and tattoo and joined Vanessa in going out to an Ariana Grande concert, accompanied by brother Frankie Grande, who finished fifth during BB16 last season while annoying long time fans of the show along the way. Vanessa apparently got spotted by a fan attending the concert, leaving her and Liz to conclude that they’ve gotten popular while in captivity.

The nominations were, as suspected the day before, Johnny Mac and Steve. There’s a lot of plotting going on, because with just five people left you pretty much have to use up all the scuttlebutt and material you have left, real or imagined. It’d be a lot easier to say that almost everyone at this point is plotting against everyone else, and that works for me!

We’ll get a much better lay of the land after today when the POV competition takes place. One thing to watch for here is that if Austin or Liz win and use the veto, their opposite would automatically go on the block. For example, if Liz won it and saved Steve, Austin would go up because no one else is left that could be used. Even though Liz and Austin are in a showmance, they’ve already had one significant quarrel a week ago that nearly broke them up, so knives might still be in their respective pockets waiting for a moment like this one.

More tomorrow, with another feeds outage likely on or around Monday to keep us from figuring out who will be evicted.


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