Day 86: Losing By Winning?

Vanessa lets out a smile seeing a video of Mel on last night's TV show.
Vanessa lets out a smile seeing a video of Mel on last night’s TV show.

Julia was voted out 3-0, making her this year’s sixth place finisher and the sixth member of the jury who will crown BB17’s winner in 12 days time.

The HOH competition was a contest to see who could transfer ten eggs from one side of a rainbow shaped structure to the other only using their fingers. There was an additional element to the event: play would also continue until one of the houseguests could place an egg in a special “luxury” section of the structure. Austin took an early lead in the contest, but after a couple of fumbles, it was all…guess who..Vanessa. She won her 4th HOH crown this season, something only seven of the 212 different houseguests have done previously to last night. Of those seven, four have gone on to win their respective seasons: Ian in BB14, Rachel on BB13, Hayden in BB12, and Drew back on BB5.

Steve and Johnny Mac appear to be Vanessa’s nominations, but at this point in the game, does it mean anything, as Julie Chen often suggests to keep people watching the live show? I’d submit that once the house is dwindled down to six, winning POV carries much more weight. Thus, Vanessa may have made a tactical error winning the F5 HOH, as she’d no doubt need to win the F4 POV to stay in the game for absolute certainty, then win the last HOH (which would be an unprecedented fifth such win) to lock up at least $50,000. If she makes it THAT far, she likely wins the season, unless someone poisons the jury with their bitterness.

The feeds will be DOWN most of the day (returning around 11:30pm BBT/2:30am EDT), as we get to the point where production hogs a lot of the footage to show it exclusively on the TV shows. All of you who have problems with this, remember that you can always cancel your subscriptions with CBSAA anytime you wish. No one is forcing you to give them your hard earned money, right?

There may or may not be a blog entry tomorrow, depending on how much info is out there to regurgitate.


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