Day 85: Rumors, Dishes, And Dirt

Five of the final six, absent HOH Steve...
Five of the final six, absent HOH Steve…

With tonight’s eviction decision looking like a lock, and Julia seeming to be the sixth member of the BB17 jury, I thought I’d look at the rumor mill.

The big rumor this week (and the most unrealistic in my view) is that the fix is in, and that Vanessa Rousso will win the season in 13 days time. Now, she might win the whole shooting match anyways, but this rumor has it that production has been feeding her inside information, which explains how she always seems to know when she’s being targeted. If the rumors are true, CBS will use her popularity to give her a show of her own called “Poker Face” with her in the hosting/starring role.

Personally, I think it’s all bull feathers. Poker’s popularity peaked in 2011, right before the government of the United States clamped down on all of these poker rooms such as PokerStars, the online “room” Vanessa had an affiliation with. Until these rooms come back, poker’s popularity will continue to dwindle, just as the prize money for winning the World Series Of Poker has.

(In the interests of full disclosure, I once won $450 at a PokerStars tournament in 2010, but I don’t recall ever playing against Vanessa. I think I would have remembered it if I did, or at least said hello to her, as she was a BIG name in the poker world at that time.)

Les Moonves fired a shot across the bow at Robyn Kass, the long time casting director of Big Brother in both the US and Canada, saying he was disappointed in about five or six of the houseguests cast this year.

Typical Les! When something is his fault or Julie’s it isn’t, so it’s somebody else’s fault: in this case Robyn’s, or so he claims. Just like it wasn’t “their” fault in 2013 when that regrettable racism scandal broke out involving (for the most part) Aaryn. Remember how innocent Les and Julie acted about that, and how “personally offended” they were, and how Aaryn was the scapegoat of all of that, and no one else was?

They had the “BB Takeover” ready to go to make every week unpredictable, but like other seasonal twists, it went away. In this year’s case, it went away after three weeks. When the show began to drift into the boring refrain we have seen in the most recent previous seasons, the “Takeover” wasn’t there to save it, because it left the scene a long time ago, nor did it return.

More tomorrow. Heck, I didn’t get out all the somewhat fresh material I had today. But with a feeds blackout coming in a few days (if traditions of past few seasons hold), I’ll have time to dish a bit more in a few days.


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