Day 83: Handicap Match

A random quad from Sunday...
A random quad from Sunday…

Amongst monotony there was history on the Labor Day holiday Monday. For the first time in show history, a pair of sisters (twin sisters as well) will be on the block for an eviction together, with the guarantee that one of them will go home in a few days.

I tend to think Julia will be the favorite to be evicted, with Austin and Liz back in each other’s good graces.

Other than that, very little to report. It seems that Austin and the twins have figured out correctly that Vanessa, Steve, and Johnny Mac are an alliance, which means their own alliance will be shorthanded once the eviction takes place.

Not a lot of excitement as we dredge onward to Thursday, but there’s always that “BB Takeover” in play, right?  Wait, that got cancelled for some strange reason.

I found Celebrity Big Brother over in the UK a bit more amusing, with a near replay of BB15’s “Winegate” breaking out over the allotment of kosher wine. That led porn star Jenna Jameson suggesting some of the British houseguests “get to stepping” while the heated argument continued on.

I do believe I’ve heard that phrase on some other version of Big Brother…can’t imagine where, he says with a smile on his face.


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