Day 82: Together Again

Is it just me, or has Vanessa aged rapidly during BB17?
Is it just me, or has Vanessa aged rapidly during BB17?

Happy Labor/Labour Day to those of you in the United States and Canada who are lucky enough to have it off.

There wasn’t a lot of big news yesterday in the house. With so few in the house now, when there isn’t a game related activity and nothing pressing to discuss, it just isn’t conducive enough to make the feeds a worthwile endeavor.

The big news (much to the angst of social media) was that Liz is no longer Austin for having the gall to win POV, and they’re back together again for now. Liz probably realized that her getting back to the pro wrestler probably keeps her in the game longer, but then again the game may not have had anything to do with the decision.

The veto meeting is later today, with Julia still scheduled to be the replacement nominee unless something totally surprising comes out of left field. Johnny Mac wants to work with Austin on whom to vote out, which probably means the plan is Julia goes to jury and finishes sixth in three days, regardless of anything Vanessa wishes to plan. This is one vote where her voice appears to be meaningless.

Just 16 days left in BB17 now. Four more evictions to fill up the jury, with the length of the stages abbreviated but not at double eviction speed. I usually have a clue who wins it all by now, but this year I don’t. I want to say Vanessa, but I just get the feeling someone’s going to clip her off before we get to the final night.


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