Day 81: Austin In The Doghouse

A recent shot of Julia...I think.
A recent shot of Julia…I think.

We have a lot of something we usually don’t get a lot of during the “F6 week” this season: drama. With Austin’s POV win being the center point to a lot of in-house controversy.

Austin and Vanessa had words after the veto after Austin had called the Las Vegan out on her shadiness (we may not know exactly what it is until Wednesday night’s show), but Austin then hammed up the veto win for the TV cameras, which got Liz all upset. Vanessa has frequently been in Liz’s ear that there is unknown information about the wrestler, but won’t reveal what they are until it is strategically beneficial to her. That piece of news got Liz all upset, and a lover’s quarrel emerged on the feeds for all to see, with Julia taking a few choice verbal shots at him last night as well when he’s not within hearing distance.

This will also mark the first time each half of a set of twins have been up on the block for an eviction vote in show history. While Adria and Natalie were on the block against each other at the start of BB5’s seventh week, Adria won the veto, which she used on herself, forcing Michael “Cowboy” Ellis on the block against Natalie, with Natalie subsequently evicted and off to that season’s jury.

Today should be a quiet one, but the way Vanessa has been spinning the house, you never know when her fabrications will catch up to her.


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