Day 80: Twin Against Twin

Austin felt the taste of being on the block on Friday, but look who won POV...
Austin felt the taste of being on the block on Friday, but look who won POV…

Austin spent 79 days without having to know what is like to be on the block, but that changed yesterday when Steve nominated the pro wrestler along with Liz in an attempt to break up the couple remaining in the game.

This move had Vanessa making so many moves, it’s surprising production didn’t give her a police officer’s uniform to let the house be aware that she was directing traffic. Today, with everyone in the house eligible for POV (since we’re down to six), Austin won the veto (hosted by TNA wrestler Jessie “Mr. Pec-Tacular” Godderz, also from BB’s 10 and 11), and thus will advance to the final five along with Steve. Apparently, Austin and Vanessa also had some kind of dispute during the competition, but as this blog entry was issued, the details and the magnitude of the argument was unclear.

The likely move here will be that Austin uses the veto on himself, and Steve puts Julia on the block along with twin sister Liz. Austin, Vanessa, and John would be the voters, and under that scenario, Julia would be the one likely gone at this point in time. Of course, things tend to change as the house deliberates the votes, and even with three votes in play, I don’t think this occasion will be any different.

More tomorrow…Austin and Vanessa arguing as I post this at 3:30pm BBT.


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