Day 79: Brass Tackless

I liked Meg and James, they brought class and humor to the season...
I liked Meg and James, they brought class and humor to the season…

And then, there were six.

Meg was the first one out last night, with Steve struggling mightily on the decision whom to vote out. In the end, he chose safety over what he thought was a risky move, with Johnny Mac following his lead to make up the swing voting block with a 4-1 verdict.

In the live double eviction round, Liz won HOH and nominated James and John, with James the target. Julia followed suit by winning the boomerang-themed “put the ball in the highest numbered hole” POV competition, and left nominations the way they were. James was then voted out 4-0, a move Steve later criticized as an error after the live show ended on the part of the Nolan twins.

In the wee hours of the morning (at least for me on the East coast), Steve got rewarded for his patient play by winning Head of Household, causing the other side of the house to scurry for a change. Vanessa appears the most safe with this structure, with Steve and John looking to take a stab at the Austwins alliance, and perhaps ending Austin’s perfect nominations record either today or at the veto meeting. Currently at 79 days, it is the second-longest nomination free run in BB US history, breaking Jason and Danielle’s run of 78 days by being default nominees in BB3’s final three back in 2002. Derrick’s run of 97 days last season is the longest, as he was also a default nominee in last year’s F3.

As for Steve not voting out Meg, in the end it worked out well for him to play it safe. It’s a move that’s very easy for all of us to criticize that move, but none of us are sitting in that parking lot in California where the game is being played. I don’t think he’ll have a problem being aggressive from here on out, because if not now, when?

More tomorrow, 19 days to go.


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