Day 78: Eight To Six

A random quad from yesterday...
A random quad from yesterday, with Vanessa and John discussing the eviction votes in the right-sided panels.

Hard to believe that once this day is done, only six houseguests will remain, and we will have entered the “endgame” of Big Brother 17.

It still appears Meg will be going home first tonight, although there’s been a lot of talk of a house flip with the mechanics of which not seeming to be in place. The focal point of the flip would be Steve, whom Vanessa has been working over hard to keep from going rogue and voting Julia out. Should Steve change his mind and flip, Johnny Mac would do likewise, and with James voting Meg to stay, Julia would be out the door 3-2. Otherwise, the vote will be 4-1 for Meg to be evicted.

Whether or not Steve flips has a big impact on the double eviction, needless to stay. If Julia stays, the twins and Austin are three out of the seven left. Vanessa can keep masterminding the house, floating off of the Austwins whenever she wants as the numbers dwindle down. The rest of the house might see Vanessa doing this and put her up regardless of her loyalties, or take out James to finish the job they started this past week.

If Meg were somehow allowed to stay, the game would be much more interesting and wide open. Austin and Liz could flip on Vanessa and make her even more at risk than the above mentioned scenario. Meg and James would be sitting pretty, sending the Austin/Liz/Vanessa alliance scattering like bowling pins, likely putting up Austin for his first trip to the block.

Notice how Johnny Mac isn’t mentioned at all in these scenarios?

I have a feeling this is going to be a good night. Can’t get any bizarre than the last double eviction.


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