Day 77: Rankings, Part 10

Austin and Liz in bed around 4am BBT this morning on the feeds.
Austin and Liz in bed around 4am BBT this morning on the feeds.

Here’s how I see the rankings at this point. With Meg on the block with Julia, there were major changes.

  1. Austin
  2. Liz
  3. Steve
  4. John
  5. James
  6. Vanessa
  7. Julia
  8. Meg

Austin hasn’t been nominated yet, although I don’t see him lasting as long as Derrick did with this streak last season. It’s still one of the longer nomination free streaks in show history, and the way things look at the moment, he’s probably in the best game shape.

John’s up to number four only one week into his return, mainly because Vanessa has sought soft targets in this recent HOH run. He and Steve are the wildcards in the upcoming eviction vote.

I have Vanessa near the bottom. She has to win a veto competition she has a 25% chance of not being picked to play in during the double eviction tomorrow. If they look around and see Vanessa wide open for the picking, I wouldn’t be shocked if even someone like Liz or Austin puts her up or renoms her if they wanted to add a bit of deception. She’s too attractive a target now, and her 3rd HOH reign has made that more so.

I’d make Meg the favorite to go home in the first eviction, but I do so with loads of caution. The smarter houseguests, such as Steve (uhhh!) and John might be playing possum to do a flip come tomorrow. If Julia winds up going home, all bets are off for the double eviction. If it’s Meg, James may be in deep trouble if he fails to win either HOH or POV.

Tomorrow will be another good day to not only watch the show, but the feeds as well. Double evictions are rarely dull affairs, and I don’t think we’ll get two dull DE’s in one season.


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