Day 76: Queens And Pawns

A look at the quads right around veto time yesterday...
A look at the quads right around veto time yesterday…

We’ve come to the month when the 17th winner of Big Brother will be decided. Currently, we have eight left in the game, two of whom will be going home Thursday evening in a double eviction. Yesterday, James took himself off the block, and Vanessa as HOH countered by putting up Julia, the twin sister of Liz. Either Meg or Julia goes home in the first eviction in two days, with who knows who else within an hour of that.

Julia agreed to go up as a pawn, but no one is saying conclusively that the script Vanessa wants followed will be followed, or that Vanessa might change her mind an engineer Julia going home. Neither of them have contributed much to the house other than votes and following orders of whoever is or was in charge.

James will vote to evict Julia to try and protect his queen. Could Austin flip on Julia, in order to isolate Liz with him? She has vowed to self-evict if Julia leaves, although she would forfeit a considerable amount of stipend money in doing so. Self eviction is something in show history that has often been threatened but has never been done due to the penalties involved imposed by CBS. If it somehow did happen during the double eviction, it would be spectacular.

Austin would have another problem: if he pinned his vote on Steve, and if the vote to evict is 4-1 in favor of Julia, then it’s not a hinky vote because the only one voting to save Julia would be Liz. A 3-2 vote would be easier to explain.

Tomorrow, a look at house rankings.


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