Big Brothers Foreign And Domestic

Another Big Brother that had been followed in the US concluded the day after Steve Moses won BB17. With six housemates competing for fans votes to decide who wins, it was James Hill of the UK version of The Apprentice who beat out Austin Armacost in the final two to win. Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton […]

Days 96-98: Steve Slays The Dragon

In the end, they had spent 98 days in the house, the longest season in US Big Brother history, and had played somewhere around 2,350 hours. The price for gas went under $2 during that time in some parts of the United States, and several presidential candidates announced their run for the White House next […]

Day 95: Cards, Luck, And Fate

With no activities left on the schedule until the conclusion of the season three and a half days from now, it’s getting rather dull in the house, which hasn’t gone lost on production. When things get boring and aren’t improving anytime soon, production gives them things to amuse themselves as if they were elementary school […]

Day 94: Clash Of The Titans

The second part of the HOH competition was played last night, and this time Steve punched his ticket to the very last competition of the season, finishing his puzzle some three minutes before Liz did hers in separate “time trials” over the same course. This sets up perhaps the biggest HOH finale Big Brother has […]

Day 93: Another Day, Another Austin

Yesterday on BB17 was the traditionally early wake-up call for breakfast so that Liz, Vanessa, and Steve could talk about their “memories” of being in the house all of this time that will air Sunday night. Other than that, they chatted and strategized, although by now there is very little strategy left in the game […]

Day 92: The Drive For Five

We now know the final three for this season: Vanessa, Liz, and Steve. Johnny Mac was the latest evictee, this time permanently, as Vanessa’s POV win removed herself from the block and gave her the power to cast the only vote in his favor. Some of the great players have finished in fourth place throughout […]

Day 91: Moses Survives Judas

In the best TV show of the year, it was Austin who was sent out in fifth place after Vanessa cast the first tiebreaking vote as HOH since the week Amanda Zuckerman was evicted back on BB15 two years ago. Austin told the Vegas poker pro that she can’t nor won’t win the season, with […]