Day 73: Same Old Song And Dance

Vanessa and Meg are the main participants in a post-nominations discussion.
Vanessa and Meg are the main participants in a post-nominations discussion. Afterwards, Vanessa tells us that it’s lonely at the top. I bet!

The latest round of nominations had Vanessa using the tried and tested strategy of finding a reason to do things, but with many more reasons to break up the Austin, Liz, and Julia triumvirate up existing, she instead chose to put up Meg and James. Meg protested her innocence after nominations with James mainly looking on, interjecting at spots few and far between.

If you’ve been following the show at all this year, you know what happened next. Vanessa came away from the chat…wait for it…as the victim. She always cites examples why to do things from people who are no longer there to defend themselves, and always berates her prey when they are not within earshot. It’s a strategy that likely assures that she doesn’t win the $500,000 at the end, but the strategy is working beyond her wildest expectations, still alive in the second of two F8 (final eight) weeks.

The veto competition is later today, but it seems Meg and James are pretty much resigned to their fate, taking the matter with a lot more dignity than most would in the same situation, so they get high marks for me on that front. Five days from now will mark the second of two double evictions that take place in the course of a typical season, which will reduce the field from eight to six with 20 days left to find a winner at that point.

I have a feeling we’ll see a big move come Thursday, but the way the season has been going, it may be a move coming out of left field as some others have.

More tomorrow, as always.


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