Day 72: Out And Back In Again

The four jurors line up waiting to go back into the BB17 house. The contest was won by Johnny Mac.
The four jurors line up waiting to go back into the BB17 house. The contest was won by Johnny Mac.

If the seventeenth season of Big Brother has been what you would consider a strange odyssey, it got a little stranger last night.

Johnny Mac waited until Thursday morning to start making moves to flip the house, causing social media to get all in a tizzy. But when the feeds came back from their usual mid-morning outage to prep the house, it was swiftly decided that there would be no house flip, with Meg (of all people) the houseguest putting her foot down the hardest. The Scranton area dentist was evicted by a 5-0 vote.

That meant Shelli, Jackie, Becky, and John would play in a buyback competition, which was also an HOH competition simultaneously. The juror who survive the longest on the frequently used “swing around on a rope” contest would be revived. If that juror was also the last person standing, he or she would also take the HOH title for the week.

The contest turned out to be one of the quickest endurance comps in show history, although it did not eclipse the shortest endurance competition record won by Erika during BB7 at a robust 24 seconds. Houseguests flew off their ropes so fast that production made the wise choice to put the feeds on almost immediately after the show went off the air at 10pm EDT. Wholesale eliminations took place during one of the brief outages on the feeds, and by the time they came back, only John and Vanessa remained, making John the returning houseguest. When John slipped, Vanessa won her 3rd full-time HOH of the season.

John’s buyback win put him in some elite company in US BB history. He was only the second houseguest to come back into the house the day he was evicted (joining BB9’s James), and the first to win the buyback comp the day of his eviction, but these have only been held in four of the last five seasons. No houseguest has gotten beyond the F4 re-entering the house (though Gary made F2 in BB Canada’s first season), so let’s see if Johnny Mac can break another barrier in these final 27 days ahead.

The win did not come without controversy, although the controversy was all on social media and nowhere else. Many claimed that since Vanessa’s buttocks touched the cylinder on the bottom of the rope, she should have been disqualified and not given the win.

Buttgate? I don't think so.
Buttgate? I don’t think so.

Vanessa’s targets appear to be Meg and James, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she makes a play at John if either of them take the veto tomorrow. After all, she’s all about her loyalty, right?

Enjoy the season, there’s less of it left than you think.

More tomorrow.


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