Day 71: Cruel Realities

I couldn’t get my mind into the feeds yesterday, after seeing a TV reporter and a cameraman for the Roanoke, Virginia CBS station assassinated live on the air early in the morning by a former employee. Sometimes the real world and the events within trump the events that take place, as Steve often puts it, in a box at a studio parking lot in California. I find it important from time to time to keep events in the proper perspective.

To be honest, I have no clue who will be getting evicted tonight between two worthy players in Johnny Mac and Steve. It looked like the matter would be resolved over a game of rock, paper, and scissors. If that angle is revisited today, I wouldn’t mind if the producers intervene and say nope, you cannot evict a houseguest in this manner. Meg, bless her, seems to be the most conscientious objector on this front, saying it will make everybody look like fools. Can’t say I disagree.

Other than this, it didn’t seem a lot happened yesterday, setting the stage for a busy 71st day in the house, where we begin with one group of eight, and end with a 75% chance of a different group of eight. Then again, we just might have the very same group of eight that we begin with today. It is a day, outside of double evictions, that provides the most mystery, so I am looking forward to tonight.


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