Day 69: Devils Known And Unknown

Some more random quadding...
Some more random quadding…

When the feeds began way back on June 25th, Vanessa made her debut crying over how poorly the house was treating Steve.

That was Day 8. On Day 68, she’s calling Steve a motherf***er for scheming to get her evicted.

She did not use the veto, meaning Steve or Johnny Mac will be evicted on Thursday, possibly temporarily with the buyback competition to follow. They have had a good friendship in the house, but I’m looking for each to fight to stay in the game by campaigning, so I hope they care enough about each other so that the friendship endures. Right now, $500,000 is potentially on the line.

I don’t think that little green-beanied monster realizes it, but by acting the way she did yesterday, she is reducing the chances of her winning the game at a dramatic rate. She might get to the final two with her superb gameplay and crazy behavior, but who can she beat at this point? Plus, if she wanted to insure the fact that Steve was the one to go home, why not veto John and put Steve in a voting match-up against James or Meg as pawns?

Wait until she realizes that the twins do not want Steve gone, but want John out at this point. That will make James and Meg the swing votes, and with Vanessa loudly announcing her voting preferences, they have nothing to lose if they too vote to evict John, sending him out the door. If this means that Vanessa makes them targets if she has any power next week, so what? They would be targets eventually anyways.

This may be one of those weeks where some quiet time may be replaced with high drama, should word get back to Miss Rousso what the twins are plotting to do. Funny how it’s okay for them and Austin to plot against her, but Steve isn’t allowed to.

Tomorrow, a look at the house rankings.


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