Day 68: The Interrogator


While no activities were on the schedule for yesterday, Vanessa made it a point to ask questions of everyone about what has been said about her in recent weeks, methodically making queries of each and every houseguests left in the game. No one refused her, probably for fear of that being a “reason” to use the veto, and thus being the renom.

At this point, it’s not very clear that Vanessa is going to use the veto at all, let alone on whom. She gathered information and left no traces of what her decision is going to be. This tells me she’s likely NOT to use the veto, or that she intends to showboat a little bit at the veto meeting, which may work the house into enough of a tizzy to start a movement to evict her. In a way, it’s possible what we saw Sunday may be her eventual swan song.

Assuming there won’t be any lobbying efforts or fierce campaigning (which happens more often than not), and that nominations stand pat, I’d think Johnny Mac would be the slightest of favorites to be evicted and become the fourth participant in the buyback competition come Thursday night.

In another news, Austin and Liz are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend, although their recent bed activity proved they had already crossed that barrier.

Tomorrow, a look at the veto meeting…


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