Day 67: The Woman In The Green Beanie Is A Meanie

Vanessa and Steve have a heated discussion on Friday morning...
Vanessa and Steve have a heated discussion on Friday morning…

Last year, we had Derrick The Dominator.

This year, we have Vanessa The Vicious.

Everybody’s favorite green-beanied houseguest took the Power of Veto last night, keeping her safe from any last second chicanery from Austin and the twins these next couple of days. Vanessa now wants Steve gone as has deemed him disloyal over a couple of matters. The two of them have been out of sorts as of late, and everyone who dissents against the queen in the green beanie winds up departing, with the exception of Johnny Mac who has somehow steered clear and is on good terms with her and the Austwins.

Despite Vanessa lobbying like a D.C. politician to get Steve out the door, I don’t think the target is set in stone yet. They may throw the veto to Johnny Mac as a thank you for his loyalty and put James up, they also might decide to keep things the way they are and make the Pennsylvania dentist sweat a bit, perhaps even send him home. Too early to tell, with the power group planning on some interrogations of the house to further cement the plan for Monday.

It is too early to place Vanessa on the mantle of one of the best all-time players, but BB14 winner Ian Terry made this interesting point last night:

Right now, it is Vanessa’s game to lose. The rest of the game will be a chase. Will the group be able to figure out how to oust her before she busts the games of everyone left in the house? That is the $500,000 question these last 31 days after today.


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