Day 66: Happy Zingerday!

As one might have expected, Austin doubled back on his strategy of making Vanessa his target (at least for the next couple of days) and nominated Johnny Mac and Steve. I would not be shocked if the strategy of nominating the Las Vegas poker wiz is forgotten altogether, much to the venom of social media. Why give her that one and four chance of returning on Thursday when you can put her up and out FOR GOOD in a subsequent week? It’s a risky strategy, but this group can’t seem to figure out that such risks can come back and bite them in the fanny…or can they?

As advertised on the live show (which had a lot of filler in it this week, due to the fact that who was going home was decided Saturday once the POV comp took place), this is the spot in the batting order where the house will get the comedy stylings of the Zingbot 3000. Last year (as shown above), Kathy Griffin aided in the festivities and puns, so I wonder if this year the faux robot will go back to working solo.

I also wouldn’t be shocked if Austin was a favored target. He might be away from his wrestling career while in the house, but he’s had plenty of time to practice takedowns and his special moves on Liz this summer. ZING!


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