Day 64: Social Hours

A random quad from last night...
A random quad from last night…

Usually, Wednesday is a day where a lot of strategy sessions break out. But with the outcome tonight on lock since Saturday night, the usual cloak and dagger deliberations were few and far between. Becky will be going to jury complete with a bandaged big toe on her left foot, as she’s had chronic problems with the toenail on it during the season.

Vanessa remarked that the game has gotten a lot more social as of late, something she doesn’t appear to excel at despite making improvements in that area, It’s one thing to be a strategical mastermind, another to have to live with these very people you have to evict one by one.

Two people not having that much trouble in the socializing are Austin and Liz.

I don’t usually spend a lot of time commentating on the so-called love interests, despite a couple of marriages taking place as a result of a show. I just think that sort of thing, most of the time, is like an arranged marriage by the power invested by reality TV and CBS. Austin fell for Liz hard, though Julia isn’t too wild about the idea. Now it’s gotten to the point where Liz has gotten hickeys from him, and retire to the HOH bedroom where…um…things are taking place with hands under the covers.

They are an item, I just have no clue what the item exactly is.

Tomorrow, much more game to report with the latest HOH being crowned.


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