Day 62: Chopping It Out

I went to watch Big Brother, and a cooking show broke out...
I went to watch Big Brother, and a cooking show broke out…

On Monday, Liz decided not to use the Power of Veto, leaving the nominations of John and Becky intact as expected.

In the evening, a cooking competition took place, meaning absolutely nothing. Julia and James were on one team, Liz and Austin on the other team. The competition was based on one of these cooking shows on TV, where each team had a set allotment of time to cook a meal, with three meals being cooked in total. John, Meg, and Becky served as judges, with Meg and Becky eating the meals and John judging on meal texture. Liz in Austin’s team won two of the three rounds, which meant the losing team of Julia and James had to clean all the dishes.

Speculation continues to mount as to who will be the target next week. It seems the majority of the house wants Vanessa gone, while Vanessa seems to have no idea that she will be next week’s target. But are they getting rid of Vanessa too soon? If they evict her next week on Day 71, she was a one in four chance of coming back in the buyback competition. If they wait a week, and evict her on Day 78 on September 3rd (which may be part of a double eviction), then she cannot come back nor win the season.

It should be a quiet day in the house with nothing scheduled other than the usual round of HOH photography and posing. Tomorrow, I’ll look at the latest round of rankings.


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