Day 61: Sunday Funday


Day 60 in the Big Brother house passed without incident.

It still appears Becky will be the one going home, unless Vanessa can rally the house around the idea of evicting Johnny Mac. That doesn’t seem likely at this point, but as we have seen the past few weeks stranger things have happened. This seems to be a group that takes great care in deliberating these matters, or maybe they’re just fickle. That thought has occurred to me in the past.

Vanessa did not do anything to stir up the house, perhaps correctly surveying that doing so would lead to her doom. She did have a benefit in the early evening, wanting to be reunited with her girlfriend Mel. Privately, this irked Austin in the twins, as many things Vanessa has done has irked them recently.

Look for the veto not to be used today, unless a very wild series of events takes place. There still could be some intrigue in the next few days if Vanessa tries to rally the group to vote out Johnny Mac, which may go against the wishes of Austin and the twins. This could set the battle for next week with whoever gets HOH being the focal point. If either Julia, Vanessa, or Austin win HOH (a 3 in 7 chance of occuring), do they continue to cull the other side of the house to maintain the numerical edge, or do they turn on each other right away?

More tomorrow, but probably not a whole lot more…


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