Day 60: Medication Time!

Liz holding up her POV medal as Austin looks on...
Liz holding up her POV medal as Austin looks on…

Yesterday was a strange mix of anticipation for the POV contest (amid a heat wave gripping the Southwest US presently, temps over 100 yesterday in Los Angeles) and shenanigans, but very little has changed in the past 24 hours. It just seems a sense of finality has set in that either John or Becky will be leaving us in four days.

Liz captured the yearly rough and tumble OTEV POV competition, beating Austin in the final heat. It was only the second time this year a HOH has been able to consolidate power, with James doing it a couple of weeks back. Liz will likely leave nominations as is.

But with Vanessa in the house, one never knows. I made a bold prediction on Twitter Friday night (which I’m sticking to for at least the next 24 hours) that despite Austin and the twins wanting to keep Van safe this week, she might do something to push her group over the edge, like we saw four weeks ago when a conversation between Clay and Audrey turned into a crusade to get Audrey out the door that Sunday afternoon.

It’s one of those occasions that even the time Vanessa takes her ADD meds could be critical to her staying, unintentionally. If she hears the wrong words at the wrong time, she’s liable to go off in a tizzy that could end her stay in the house. The only thing missing from this happening is a catalyst, like Steve telling Austin and the twins that Vanessa will be gunning for them in future weeks.

The target now appears to be Becky, but watch for Vanessa to make a push to get Johnny Mac to leave, which is why I think the “Austwins” would be better off getting Vanessa out now. She talks about being loyal while never being loyal to the people she’s supposedly aligned with. The other side (James/John/Meg/Becky) can’t negotiate for Vanessa to be backdoored because they are powerless, and they can’t threaten putting the other side of the house on the block because they’d do that anyway regardless.

It should be a quiet Sunday, but keep an eye on Vanessa when she talks game, as she might talk herself right on to the hot seat.


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