Day 59: A Tale Too Many

Vanessa goes on and on about how honest she is, much to John's chargin.
Vanessa goes on and on about how honest she is, much to John’s chargin.

John and Becky were nominated by Liz yesterday afternoon, with John appearing to be the target unless he wins the POV later today.

The big story of the 58th day is how the house is now totally on to Vanessa’s game, but the power structure (Liz, Julia, and Austin) does not want to get rid of her this week because they would be losing a number.

It all began in the early afternoon when John and Vanessa were conversing in the Have Not room (they were each chosen as such along with Steve, their “side” food this week being pork chops), with Vanessa wanting to talk to the Pennsylvania dentist. John quickly called shenanigans on Vanessa’s tomfoolery, pointing out how most of what she does is an act, and calling her a bully. Vanessa was so startled by this revelations that she withdrew from the hammock room, where the last round of discussions had been taking place between the two.

The feeds were blacked out for the nomination ceremonies, but when they returned, the most predictable thing happened: Vanessa began vilifying Johnny Mac, as he was not in the HOH room to defend himself. When she left, the “Austwins” group had a hard time believing what Vanessa was saying. They brought John in to verify what was said, and not surprisingly, he had a conflicting view of the conversation.

Nightfall dawned, and the house dropped their strategic alliances for some fun and games, save Vanessa who isolated herself from the frivolity for the most part. It seems like the whole house is intimidated by her and her strategy, but at some point they will have to team up to overthrow her. It’s just a matter of when should they do it.

More tomorrow as the season enters its 60th day of play.


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