Day 57: Let’s Play Two!

Captain Camo, I presume.
Captain Camo, I presume.

Happy Double Eviction Day, everybody.

As we head into a day into anything can happen and usually does, Shelli seems to be a heavy favorite to be evicted in the first of two evictions, a dramatic reversal from where we were on Monday, when Vanessa seemed the overwhelming favorite to be gone. We don’t usually see that dramatic of reversals this early in the year, but this change of events had nothing to do with Vanessa’s skills as a houseguest, but that of a rather fickle electorate.

Basically, the very same people who wanted Shelli to go last week when she was up against her beau Clay now want her gone now that she’s up against Vanessa. “Shell” was the HOH target against Clay, but not against Vanessa, which strikes me a bit weird.

If the house can change on a dime during normal times, watch for the house to change on a penny during the live show. It’s a marathon that becomes a 100 meter dash. There are so many directions that can be gone to that I’m not even going to try and predict it. Who would have thought during the first double eviction of BB15 that Judd would wind up going?

My tip for you all is to enjoy the entertainment of it. Your favorite might be going home tonight, yes. That’s why I try not to have favorites during the season. The fickleness of various seasons doesn’t make the emotional investment worthwhile for me.

They say that a major golf tournament doesn’t begin until it reaches the back nine of the fourth of final round. I often feel that Big Brother doesn’t start until that first live double eviction.

More tomorrow, unless something happens that’s highly dramatic, in which case I’ll be blogging sooner.


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